The Death of a Manga Legend 用畫筆造武林:傳奇殞落
Taiwan says goodbye to one of its best manga artists.



   In March of 2017, Chen Uen passed away at the age of 58. This popular Taiwanese manga artist was known for his unique style that mixed bright colors with traditional Chinese art. Chen became the first Taiwanese manga artist to get published in Hong Kong and Japan. Over the years, many artists were affected by his style. Some even tried to copy him, but no one could live up to the master's skill.
  Chen leaves behind a
body of work that will never be forgotten. One of his masterpieces, Heroes of the East Chou Dynasty, is a fictional story based on brave warriors in ancient China. Another classic is Abi-Sword, which told the tale of a young boy named Wusheng that is seeking revenge for his parents' death.
  Although Chen is gone, his style is sure to inspire manga artists for many years to come.
In memory of Chen, his former students will hold an exhibition of his work at the National Palace Museum this June. Comic book artists from around the world will come to the exhibition to pay their respects to Chen and his legacy.

































































   鄭問於 2017 年三月逝世,享年五十八歲。這位受喜愛的臺灣漫畫家以其獨特的畫風聞名,混合鮮豔的色彩及中國傳統藝術(編按:這裡是指書法)為其風格。鄭問也成為首位在香港及日本出版作品的臺灣漫畫家。多年來,不少的漫畫家受其畫風影響。有些甚至試著想要模仿他,卻都無法達到這位大師的境界。


manga n.(日本的)漫畫(書)
masterpiece n. 代表作;傑作
= masterwork
legacy n. 先人或過去遺留下來的東西


1. unique a. 獨一無二的;非比尋常的
This pizza has a unique flavor that I just can't recognize.

2. affect vt. 影響;打動,使感動
= influence
The younger generation of voters may affect this year's election.
Kristen was deeply affected by the sad story.

3. body of sth  大量的某物
There is a growing body of evidence to prove that Aaron is guilty of the crime.

4. fictional a. 編造的,虛構的
The novel is based on a real event in history, but all the characters are fictional.

5. seek vt. 尋求,尋找
Carlos is seeking an apartment with a view of the city's skyline.

6. revenge n. 報復
take (sb's) revenge (on sb)  報復(某人)
Charles took his revenge on Ivy for breaking up with him by breaking her apartment door.

7. in memory of sb  為了紀念(已故的)某人
Bill set up the fund in memory of his late wife.
* late a. 已故的

8. pay respects to sb  向某人致敬
The young director pays her respects to Ang Lee in the way she films scenes in her movies.


本文 "Some even tried to copy him, but no one could live up to the master's skill." 中的片語 live up to...,表「與……一樣好;符合/達到……預期的標準」。另一個與 live 這個字相關的常見口語用法為 live with sth,表「忍受/容忍(困境或令人不快的情形)」。例:

Rick finds it hard to live up to his parents' expectations.

If this situation here can't be changed, I'll try to learn to live with it.




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