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2017/01/17 第298期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

A Tale of Two Tonys  東尼獎 ── 向劇場界傳奇致敬
by Paul Hines

The annual Tony Awards recognize excellence on the stage and behind the scenes.

  Have you ever heard of the Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Theater? Not many people have. However, there is a good chance that you have heard of the Tony Awards, the more commonly used name of the said awards.
  The annual Tony Awards, which are held in New York City and broadcast internationally, recognize the artistry and diligence of Broadway theater casts and crews. Each year, 24 winners receive an engraved medallion displaying the masks of comedy and tragedy, which are borrowed from Greek mythology. The awards are considered to be the equivalent of the Oscars for movies or the Emmys for television, and were established in 1947 by an organization called the American Theatre Wing — "the Wing" for short.
  The origins of the Wing can be traced back to World War I, when seven women who worked in Broadway theater took it upon themselves to use their spare time to establish a food collection center to assist servicemen. They also sent troupes of entertainers to perform for weary soldiers stationed on military bases. In peacetime, the focus of the Wing changed to education and support for those employed or pursuing a career in the theater.
  In 1946, Antoinette Perry, an actress, director, producer, and co-founder of the Wing passed away. As a tribute to her dedication to the theater, it was agreed that the Wing should establish an award for excellence in theater, and it should bear her name. At the inaugural presentation, one of the presenters handed an award to a winner, and as a mark of respect, he referred to it as "a Tony" — Ms. Perry's nickname. The name "Tony" has been used ever since.

1. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the Tony Awards?
(A) They are held once every year.
(B) They are broadcast in many different countries.
(C) They are most frequently called the Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Theatre these days.
(D) They take place in the United States.
2. What do we learn about the winners of the Tony Awards?
(A) They receive a medallion.
(B) They receive a mask depicting comedy and tragedy.
(C) They originally performed on military bases.
(D) They provide education for actors pursuing a career in the theater.
3. Who was Antoinette Perry?
(A) The first winner of a Tony.
(B) The founder of the Tony Awards.
(C) The director and producer of the inaugural Tony Awards.
(D) The inspiration behind the establishment of the Tony Awards.
4. What reason is given for the Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Theatre being called the Tony Awards?
(A) Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Theatre is too long and difficult to say.
(B) After a presenter used that name, everyone else continued to use it.
(C) The word "Tony" is a nickname used for good actors.
(D) It is disrespectful not to use it.


excellence n. 精英;優秀,卓越
artistry n. 藝術效果;技巧
engraved a. 雕刻的
衍: engrave vt.(雕)刻
medallion n. 獎章
mythology n. 神話(集合名詞,不可數)
servicemen n. 現役軍人
a military base  軍事基地
peacetime n. 和平時期
inaugural a. 首次的;就職的
presenter n. 頒獎人;節目主持人
nickname n. 綽號
disrespectful a. 不尊敬的
反: respectful a. 尊敬的,滿懷敬意的

  1. behind the scenes  在幕後;暗中(此處 scenes 恆用複數 )
    衍: behind-the-scenes a. 幕後的
    It takes hundreds of people behind the scenes to make a movie.
    After months of behind-the-scenes discussions, a plan for reform was completed.
  2. (have) a good chance...  有很高的可能性……
    衍: have a chance to V  有機會做……
    You have a good chance of winning the contest.
    Craig went to New York City and had a chance to see the musical Cats.
  3. be the equivalent of...  等於/相當於……
    同: be equivalent to...
    equivalent n. 相等物 & a. 相等的
    Scientists say that the intelligence of dolphins is the equivalent of that of a six-year-old's.
    Having one glass of wine is equivalent to one can of beer when you take a breathalyzer test.
    *a breathalyzer test  酒測
  4. be traced back to...  追溯至……
  5. take it upon oneself (to V)  自發性(從事)……;擅自……
    I've taken it upon myself to inform them of the news.
  6. bear sb's name  以某人的名字命名
    Jessica now owns several restaurants that bear her name.
  7. refer to A as B  把 A 稱作 B
  8. take place  舉行;發生(無被動用法)
    Since I overslept, I missed the speech contest that took place in the morning.

The annual Tony Awards recognize excellence on the stage and behind the scenes.
on the stage  在舞臺上
be on stage  在舞臺上表演
I just arranged the furniture on the stage for the next scene.
Mary loves being on stage and performs in plays whenever she can.

  1. annual a. 年度的,一年一次的
    The company's annual report will be sent out to its shareholders next week.
    *shareholder n. 股東
  2. recognize vt. 認可,認定
    衍: be recognized as...  被公認為……
    This doctor was recognized as a pioneer in the field of cancer therapy.
    *pioneer n. 先驅,先鋒
  3. broadcast vt. 播放(三態同形)
    衍: broadcasting n. 廣播業
    The TV station will broadcast a new cooking show on Sunday.
    Broadcasting has been regulated by the government for many years.
  4. cast n. 卡司;演員陣容
    The entire cast should be credited with the success of the show.
    *be credited with...  被認為對……有功勞
  5. borrow vt. 引用;(向某人)借
    衍: borrow sth from sb  向某人借某物
    Can I borrow some money from you? I left my wallet at home.
  6. assist vt. 協助
    衍: assist sb in...  在……方面協助某人
    I need you to assist me in cleaning the living room.
  7. troupe n.(演出)團
    The theater troupe was invited to put on a show for the king.
    *put on...  上演/舉行……(節目等)
  8. weary a. 疲憊的;厭倦的
    衍: be / feel weary of...  厭倦……
    I'm weary of doing the same thing over and over again.
  9. station vt. 駐紮,部署
    Lisa was stationed at an army base in Iraq for three years during the war.
  10. employ vt. 僱用
    The factory employed people from the surrounding towns.
  11. pursue vt. 追求
    The writer's words motivated me to pursue my dream.
  12. tribute n.(表示敬意的)獻禮;敬意
    This documentary is a tribute to the people who died during the war.
  13. dedication n. 奉獻(與介詞 to 並用)
    David's dedication to helping the poor is admirable.
  14. frequently adv. 頻繁地,經常
    Mandy frequently goes to the library after school.
  15. depict vt. 描繪,描述
    同: portray vt.
    The painting depicted a man sitting by the window.
  16. establishment n. 創立,建立
    The establishment of the new factory will create more than 500 job opportunities in this area.

東尼獎 ── 向劇場界傳奇致敬
  一年一度的東尼獎在紐約市舉行並在全球轉播,該獎項表揚百老匯戲劇演員與幕後人員的藝術與努力。每一年,二十四位得獎者獲頒一個刻有代表喜劇與悲劇面具(借自希臘神話)的獎章。該獎項被認為與電影界的奧斯卡獎或電視圈的艾美獎並駕齊驅,而它是由一個名為美國戲劇協會(簡稱 the Wing)的組織於 1947 年所成立。
  1946 年,身兼演員、導演、製作人及美國戲劇協會共同創辦人的安東妮特•佩瑞與世長辭。為了紀念她對戲劇的貢獻,大家一致認為美國戲劇協會應該要為戲劇界的卓越人士設立一座獎項,且這座獎項應該以她命名。在首屆典禮上,其中一位頒獎人將獎項頒給得獎者,為了表示敬意,他將該獎稱為『東尼』 ── 佩瑞小姐的綽號。『東尼』這個名字便一直沿用至今。

1. 下列關於東尼獎的敘述何者錯誤?
(A) 該獎項每年舉辦一次。
(B) 該獎項在許多不同國家都有轉播。
(C) 該獎項近來最常被稱為安東妮特•佩瑞劇院卓越獎。
(D) 該獎項於美國舉行。
題解:根據本文第一段,你很有可能曾聽過東尼獎,這是前述獎項(安東妮特•佩瑞劇院卓越獎)更常使用的名稱,與 (C) 項敘述不符,故為正選。

2. 關於東尼獎的得主,我們可得知什麼事?
(A) 他們會獲得一枚獎章。
(B) 他們會獲頒一個代表喜劇與悲劇的面具。
(C) 他們最初是在軍事基地表演。
(D) 他們為想在戲劇界追尋一番事業的演員提供教育。
題解:根據本文第二段,每一年,二十四位得獎者獲頒一個刻有代表喜劇與悲劇面具(借自希臘神話)的獎章,故 (A) 項應為正選。

3. 誰是安東妮特•佩瑞?
(A) 第一位贏得東尼獎的人。
(B) 東尼獎的創辦人。
(C) 首屆東尼獎的導演與製作人。
(D) 創立東尼獎背後的靈感來源。
題解:根據本文最後一段,為了紀念她(安東妮特•佩瑞)對戲劇的貢獻,大家一致認為美國戲劇協會應該要為戲劇界的卓越人士設立一座獎項,且這座獎項應該以她命名,故 (D) 項應為正選。

4. 為何安東妮特•佩瑞劇院卓越獎會被稱為東尼獎?
(A) 安東妮特•佩瑞劇院卓越獎太長且太難念。
(B) 自從一位頒獎人用了那個名稱後,其他人也沿用。
(C) 『東尼』是用來稱呼優秀演員的暱稱。
(D) 不使用這個名字是很無禮的。
題解:根據本文最後一段,在首屆典禮上,其中一位頒獎人將獎項頒給得獎者,為了表示敬意,他將該獎稱為『東尼』 ── 佩瑞小姐的綽號。『東尼』這個名字便一直沿用至今,故 (B) 項應為正選。

答案:1. C 2. A 3. D 4. B


在愛因斯坦提出重力理論,預言重力波的存在後第100年,人類終於發現了重力波。2015年9月14號,雷射干涉重力波天文台 (LIGO) 首次偵測到的重力波是13億年前兩個黑洞結合時所釋放出來的。

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