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2017/06/02 第317期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

Wildebeest: Born to Run  牛羚:天生跑者
by Evan Witkowski

Join millions of animals running for their lives on the African Serengeti.

  Dust and hair are flying in the wind, with the thunderous sound of millions of hooves pounding the scorched landscape. Moving in unison, bobbing their horns up and down is a swathe of wildebeests. The Great Migration, also known as the Serengeti Migration, is underway in Africa, and the film crew from the National Geographic Channel (NGC) series Born to Run is there to capture every harrowing moment. Every year from July through October, more than two million animals migrate from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the greener pastures of the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.
  Wildebeest: Born to Run is a brutal portrayal of what it is like to migrate with herds of wildebeests, zebras, and antelopes. The documentary film crew keeps pace with a young wildebeest, which the producers named Neo, as he undertakes his first migration cycle. Trampling through rivers and over barren desert, he fights to stay alive in the harshest conditions and under constant threat of danger.
  Neo somehow gets lost five days after being born. Being separated from the herd poses a significant risk from predators like hyenas. To add insult to injury, he's totally inexperienced surviving in the wild. Dramatic footage of Neo limping across the expansive plains as part of the Great Migration shows how difficult the migratory route can be.
  Don't miss out on the excitement and drama of the Great Migration, and the story of Neo's struggles to survive his first migration across the unforgiving African landscape on NGC's Wildebeest: Born to Run.

  1. thunderous a. 像雷聲般的
  2. pound vt. 沉重地走;猛擊
  3. landscape n.(陸上的)景色,風景
  4. migration n. 遷移,(候鳥)遷徙
    衍: migrate vi. 遷移,移居
    emigrate vi.(往外)移居
    immigrate vi.(從外)移入
    The scientist attached a tracking device to
    the bird to track its seasonal migration route.
    *attach vt. 繫住;固定;使附著(與介詞 to 並用)
    When do the birds in this area begin to migrate?
    If the situation doesn't improve in this country, I'm thinking of emigrating to New Zealand.
    Mr. Chen immigrated to the US with his family in 1975, and now he runs his own restaurant in Chinatown.
    陳先生在 1975 年和家人移民到美國來,如今他在中國城開了一家餐館。
  5. underway a. 在進行中的
    Preparations for the big award ceremony are already underway.
  6. brutal a. 殘酷的,殘忍的
    The brutal attack on the village left hundreds dead.
  7. portrayal n. 描繪;肖像
    衍: portray vt. 描繪
    = depict vt.
    The novel portrays a teenage girl without parental guidance.
    *parental a. 父母親的
  8. documentary a. 紀錄的,紀實的
  9. undertake vt. 從事(三態為:undertake, undertook, undertaken。)
    Susan undertook the task of planning her best friend's birthday party.
  10. trample vi. & vt. 踩踏
    The kids were punished for trampling through their neighbor's flowers.
    It looks as though someone trampled all over my flower bed last night.
  11. barren a. 荒蕪的
    反: fertile a. 肥沃的
    The land is barren; in other words, nothing can grow on it.
  12. constant a. 持續不斷的
    衍: constantly adv. 經常地
    We were worn out from the constant stream of customers the whole day.
    *be worn out  累壞了
    Bill and his sister do not get along at all and quarrel constantly.
    *quarrel vi. & n. 爭執,爭吵
  13. somehow adv. 不知怎地
    比較somewhat adv. 有一點兒
    Nick's degree is in architecture. Somehow, he ended up working in our company's advertising department.
    Mike's mother is somewhat puzzled by his recent behavior.
  14. pose vt. 造成,引起
    衍: pose a threat to...  對……構成威脅
    Climate change poses a serious threat to our environment.
  15. predator n. 食肉動物,捕食者
  16. dramatic a. 戲劇性的
    The soap opera was scripted to be very dramatic so as to keep the viewers interested.
  17. footage n.(影片的)連續鏡頭;影片
  18. limp vi. & n. 一拐一拐地走路,跛行
    The basketball player limped off the court.
    Jerry's limp is a result of the car accident he had last year.
  19. expansive a. 廣闊的
    The expansive wetlands are home to many rare animals.
  20. struggle n. 奮鬥,難事 & vi. 搏鬥,掙扎
    衍: struggle to V  努力/掙扎(做)??
    Climbing up the mountain was a struggle, but I'm glad I made it.
    Mary struggled to get control of her scooter after she hit a car.
  21. unforgiving a. 無情的,嚴峻的

wildebeest n. 牛羚
hoof n. 蹄(單數形)
衍: hooves n. 蹄(複數形)
scorched a. 烤焦的,燒焦的
bob vt. & vi. 上下擺動
horn n.(牛、羊等頭上的)角
swathe n. 一大片/長條
同: swath n.
harrowing a. 令人痛心的,慘痛的
pasture n. 牧草地
antelope n. 羚羊
hyena n. 鬣狗,土狼(其吠聲有如人的獰笑聲或哈哈大笑聲)

  1. in unison  同時地;一致地
    unison n. 一致
    The students replied in unison that they didn't want a test.
  2. keep pace with...  與??齊步;
    pace n. 步幅;步調
    Our company is struggling to keep pace with changes in the market.
  3. be separated from...  與……分開/隔開
    separate vt. 使分開,分隔
    Iris was separated from her friends by the big crowd.
  4. to add insult to injury  雪上加霜,
    Nina was badly hurt in the car accident. To add insult to injury, her boyfriend left her.
  5. miss out on...  錯失……的良機
    Don't dwell on the past, or you will miss out on the present.
    *dwell on...  老是想著……


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