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2017/07/04 第320期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

Polar Bear Invasion  北極熊的入侵
by Evan Witkowski

See inside the life of polar bears struggling to survive in one of the coldest places on Earth.

    Spending summers on land and winters traveling from iceberg to iceberg is not an easy life. Their fur helps them blend into their surroundings, but polar bears living in the Arctic are threatened by climate change more than being spotted by their prey. Melting icebergs mean that many animals are suffering from a loss of their habitats. Destination Wild's Polar Bear Invasion episode is the latest special from National Geographic Channel (NGC) that follows these bears on their journey to raise cubs in the harsh climate of the North.
  Unlike other species of bears, polar bears don't sleep through the winter months, and they spend their winters living in the cold and snow of the subarctic and Arctic areas. The crew of Polar Bear Invasion manages to follow several bears relying on their instincts to travel around the icy, snow-covered landscape. Seeing up-close how polar bears live, and the challenges they overcome every day, really illustrates how hard life is for these animals.
  From late fall, polar bears migrate north to the ice floes of the Arctic to hunt for fish and seals. They can only swim for so long before they run out of energy, so the melting icebergs are a serious problem for polar bears. If there is less ice, then the bears have nowhere to hunt from, so they get stranded in the water and drown. Many also starve while stuck on an iceberg where there is nothing to eat nearby. Most scientists agree that the major cause of climate change is the burning of fossil fuels, so help save the polar bears by conserving resources. Learn some fascinating facts and observe the lives of these arctic hunters on NGC's Polar Bear Invasion.



1. invasion n. 入侵,侵略
衍: invade vt. 入侵
The international community claimed Russia's move was an act of invasion.
Unfortunately, the cancer cells have already spread and invaded other parts of Tim's body.

2. prey n. 獵物(集合名詞,不可數)& vi. 獵取
衍: fall prey to...  成為……的受害者
prey on...  捕食……
My mom fell prey to a con man a few years ago.
*con man n. 騙徒
Eagles prey on small animals for food.

3. habitat n.(動物的)棲息地
We all must do our best to preserve the natural habitat of those butterflies.
*preserve vt. 保護,維護

4. harsh a. 嚴酷的,惡劣的;嚴厲的
衍: be harsh on sb  對某人很嚴苛
I had no idea this plant would be able to thrive under such harsh conditions.
*thrive vi. 茂盛,健壯,茁壯
Mrs. Chou was a harsh mother and imposed severe punishments on her children.
Don't be too harsh on your little brother. After all, he's just a kid.

5. instinct n. 本能,天性
衍: instinctive a. 本能的;直覺的
Birds do not learn to build nests, but they build them using their instincts.
The spinning of webs is instinctive in spiders.
*spin vt. 結(網),吐(絲)(三態為:spin, spun, spun。)

6. landscape n.(陸上的)景色,風景

7. overcome vt. 克服,征服(三態為:overcome, overcame, overcome。)
Courage will help you overcome whatever life throws at you.
*courage n. 勇氣(不可數)

8. illustrate vt. 說明,闡明;為……畫插圖
衍: illustration n. 插圖,圖解
The doctor illustrated the effects of smoking with some graphic photos.
*graphic a. 清晰的
Lisa just finished illustrating a book on cats.
This children's book is full of beautiful illustrations.

9. migrate vi.(鳥類、動物)遷徙
衍: emigrate vi.(往外)移居
immigrate vi.(從外)移民到(本國)
When will the bluebirds begin to migrate?
If law and order don't improve in this country, I will consider emigrating to Finland.
In what year did your parents immigrate from Vietnam?

10. starve vi. 挨餓
Many people starve in arid climates because there isn't enough rainfall to grow crops.
*arid a. 乾燥的;不毛的

11. conserve vt. 節省(資源、能源);保育
衍: conservation n.(動植物的)保育;保護
We should conserve as much energy as possible.
Conservation is one way to make sure we have enough natural resources in the future.

iceberg n. 冰山
cub n.(熊、獅、虎等的)幼獸
subarctic a. 靠近北極的;亞北極的
up-close   近距離地
ice floe  浮冰
同: floe n.
stranded a. 被困住的;(船)擱淺的
衍: strand vt. 使滯留;使擱淺
fossil fuel n. 化石燃料

1. struggle to V  奮力/努力(做)??
衍: struggle with...  與??搏鬥
Jim struggled to carry the box of heavy books up the stairs.
The character in the movie struggles with his good and bad sides.

2. blend into...  與……融為一體
The churches in Santorini seem to blend into the surroundings.

3. suffer from...  飽受……之苦;罹患……疾病
Sandy suffers from serious allergies when the seasons change.
*allergy n. 過敏

4. manage to V  設法做到……
I couldn't manage to find shoes in my size.

5. run out of...  耗盡/用完……
My scooter ran out of gas on the way to the amusement park.


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