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2017/09/05 第329期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

Restoration Man  老屋重生術
by Evan Witkowski

Fixing up old structures and buildings is the name of the game.

  The United Kingdom is home to many historic buildings, from abandoned churches to outdated industrial structures and more. It takes a certain skill to repurpose these kinds of buildings into family homes or offices. Good thing architect George Clarke has a passion for restoring and converting fixer-uppers. His show Restoration Man on National Geographic follows him and his clients as he tackles a variety of projects and overcomes the obstacles standing in the way of property owners achieving their dreams of the perfect home. Clarke uncovers the history of each building by doing research and conducting interviews with local experts and the previous owners or occupants, which inform his design and construction decisions.
  It all started as a show on British television back in 2010, and the idea was eventually picked up by National Geographic. Using innovative architectural programs, historical photos, and animated graphics, Restoration Man takes viewers through the whole complicated process of what it takes to renovate a property into a livable home. The drama caused by challenges the owners face, and how Clarke helps them create a unique living space they can be proud of, make for compelling television.
  Learning about the past and shaping the future is one way that Restoration Man stands out from other home renovation or building shows on reality TV. Clarke uses his expertise and experience to turn shabby, broken-down abodes into beautiful designs. Tune in to National Geographic to see Clarke work his magic and make each structure a work of art by changing and improving on its existing structure.


1. restoration n. 恢復;修復
: restore vt. 復原
The historical museum is closed temporarily for restoration.
The new government is trying hard to restore the country's economy to its full strength.

2. abandoned a. 廢棄的;被遺棄的
: abandon vt. 丟棄;遺棄
The abandoned building is scheduled to be torn down this afternoon.
If the river floods, we'll have to abandon our house.

3. outdated a. 過時的
My grandfather's suit looked really outdated, so I bought him a new one.
*suit n.(男性)西裝(上裝及褲子);

4. repurpose vt. 重新利用;改變……的用途
The company's role is to repurpose printed data for use on the web.

5. architect n. 建築師
: architecture n. 建築(物)
architectural a. 建築的
Tom is the architect of this building.
The stylish architecture took me back to the Renaissance in the 15th century.
Ieoh Ming Pei received the Pritzker Prize, the world's highest architectural award.

6. convert vt. 改裝;使轉變,使轉換
: convert A into B  將 A 轉變/轉換成 B
Scientists are now able to convert garbage into usable fuel.

7. tackle vt. 應付,處理
Mark tackled the problem by getting his friends to help him.

8. overcome vt. 克服(困難等)
I'll try my best, no matter how many difficulties I have to overcome.

9. obstacle n. 障礙(物)
This weather is certainly an obstacle to playing volleyball today.

10. inform vt. 影響;告知,通知
: inform sb about / of sth  告知/通知某人某事
Victor informed his coworker about the retirement party being thrown in his honor.
*in sb's honor  向某人致敬

11. innovative a. 創新的
The company's innovative training program is part of the reason for its success.

12. renovate vt. 更新,翻修
The gallery is being renovated and will be closed until the end of the year.

13. expertise n. 專業知識/技能
: expert a. 熟練的;專家的 & n. 專家
Your expertise in this area is greatly appreciated.
You should talk to a consultant for expert advice on expanding your business.
*consultant n. 顧問
Jacob is a computer expert, so his friends always turn to him for help.
*turn to sb  求助於某人

fixer-upper n. (需要修繕的)舊屋
occupant n. 占有人,使用者
animated a. 動畫的
: animate vt. 繪製(動畫片)
animation n. 動畫
graphics n. 圖像(恆用複數)
livable a. 適合居住的
compelling a. 引人入勝的
shabby a. 破舊的
abode n. 住所

1. fix up...  修理/整理……
We fixed up the spare bedroom in preparation for our new baby.
*spare a. 空閒的;剩餘的
 in preparation for...  為……而準備

2. stand in the way of...  妨礙/阻擋……
Nothing can stand in the way of Kevin's dreams.

3. pick up...  拾起……;購買……;開車接(某人)
I picked up the books that my brother dropped on the ground.
I'm going to pick up a few things from the store. Do you need anything?
Chris will pick up an important client at the airport tonight.

4. stand out  表現傑出
: outstanding a. 傑出的
Sharon stands out as a writer, but her talents in other areas are really lacking.
Wayne looks up to his brother for his outstanding academic performance.

5. tune in to...  收看/聽(電視/臺節目)
tune vi. 轉到……頻道 & vt. 為……調音 & n. 曲調,旋律
: sing out of tune  唱歌走音
My mother tunes in to her favorite Korean soap opera every night after dinner.
David tuned his guitar before the performance.
The girl was singing out of tune because of stage fright.
*stage fright  怯場


  這一切的想法是從 2010 年英國電視的一個節目開始的,而最終被國家地理所採用。《老屋重生術》使用創新的建築計畫、歷史照片和動畫圖像,帶領觀眾感受將老舊建物翻新成一個適合居住的家這一整個複雜的過程。屋主們面臨的挑戰所造成的戲劇性效果,以及克拉克如何幫助他們創造出一個讓他們感到自豪且獨一無二的生活空間,這些條件使它成為一個令人難以抗拒的電視節目。


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