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The 1)Almighty Photo  
 World Press Photo searches for perfect pictures
Photographs are 2)vital to modern 3)journalism. They do more than just 4)accompany 5)articles: they 6)enrich stories, and help bring attention to 7)issues that people might otherwise 8)overlook. World Press Photo, based in the Netherlands, is an 9)organization that has been 10)promoting and supporting 11)photojournalism since 1955. Each year, it organizes the world's most 12)prestigious photography 13)contest, which gives prizes in 10 14)categories along with a top prize, the World Press Photo of the Year.
照片對現代新聞業極為重要。照片不只是搭配文章,還能豐富報導的內容、並且讓人注意到他們原本可能忽視的議題。「世界新聞攝影」是設於荷蘭的一個組織,從 1955 年以來就一直在提倡、支持新聞攝影。它每年舉辦全球地位最高的攝影比賽,賽中頒發 10 個類別的獎項外加一個首獎──年度世界新聞攝影獎。
1) almighty (a.) 全能的
Many people love the almighty dollar too much.
2) vital (a.) 極重要的,不可或缺的
It is vital that you finish this job on time.
3) journalism (n.) 新聞工作,新聞業
My sister works in journalism.
4) accompany (v.) 伴隨
Can you accompany me to the party tomorrow?
5) article (n.) 文章
I read an interesting article on Thailand(泰國) yesterday.
6) enrich (v.) 使豐富
Having a child can really enrich your life.
7) issue (n.) 議題
This magazine deals with(處理) some serious issues every month.
8) overlook (v.) 忽略
Don't overlook to pay your rent(房租) on time.
9) organization (n.) 組織,機構
The United Nations(聯合國) is an organization that tries to keep world peace.
10) promote (v.) 促進,發揚
This group promotes love and peace.
11) photojournalism (n.) 照相新聞學,新聞攝影
Photojournalism is an interesting field to work in.
12) prestigious (a.) 有名望的,地位崇高的
Tim's father has a prestigious job--he's a lawyer.
13) contest (n.) 競賽
If you try hard, maybe you can win our school's English contest.
14) category (n.) 類別
William won in the category of boys 12-15 years old.
The photography contest isn't simply a search for some good pictures. It 15)encourages thought and 16)awareness about how the 17)press delivers news, and it helps the public realize how 18)essential photography is to journalism. Prize winners are generally those whose photographs show 19)profound 20)insight on 21)specific world issues.
15) encourage (v.) 鼓勵
My parents encouraged me to go to the U.S. to study.
16) awareness (n.) 覺察,意識
We need to increase(增加) awareness of this problem.
17) press (n.) 新聞界
It can be difficult to deal with(處理,應付) the press when they ask tough(困難的) questions.
18) essential (a.) 必要的,不可或缺的
Sugar is an essential part to make this dish(一道菜).
19) profound (a.) 深刻的
The teacher's words had a profound effect(影響) on Nancy.
20) insight (n.) 眼光,洞察力
I think the writer, Dan Brown, offers some interesting insights into religion(宗教).
21) specific (a.) 明確的,特定的
Does anyone have any specific questions about what I said?
The photo chosen as this year's World Press Photo of the Year 22)addresses 23)famine in the Third World. The photo was taken by Canadian press photographer Finbarr O'Reilly. It is a 24)touching image of a Nigerian woman whose lips are partly covered by the tiny hand of her 25)malnourished son. Although the son is one year old, his hand is barely the width of his mother's lips. Without using a single word, the photograph expresses the 26)heartbreaking reality of world hunger.
22) address (v.) 處理
My doctor said I need to address my problem of smoking.
23) famine (n.) 飢荒
Famine has been responsible for killing many people.
24) touching (a.) 感人的
Linda cried last night while watching a touching movie.
25) malnourished (a.) 營養不良的
Many children in Africa(非洲) are malnourished.
26) heartbreaking (a.) 令人心碎的,悲痛的
He told a heartbreaking story about how his wife died.
By holding an 27)annual search for the world's top photos, World Press Photo 28)aims to encourage the development of photojournalism worldwide. To make the contest as open as possible, the organization (which is 29)non-profit) does not require 30)entry 31)fees from 32)participants. Moreover, it does not do any of the 33)judging: prize-winning photos are selected by 13 judges from different countries who are 34)experts in photography or journalism.
世界新聞攝影每年搜尋世界最佳照片,目的是要鼓勵全球新聞攝影的發展。為了讓比賽盡可能公開,該組織(非營利)並不向參賽者索取報名費。而且它也完全不參與評判工作:獲獎的作品由 13 位來自不同國家的裁判選出,他們都是專業攝影師或新聞業者。
27) annual (a.) 每年的,一年一次的
I'm looking forward to our annual year-end party.
28) aim to 旨在,意欲
Sharon aims to make a million dollars before she is 30.
29) non-profit (a.) 非營利的
I used to work for a non-profit company.
30) entry (n.) 入場,參賽
I couldn't gain(獲得) entry to the building because the door was locked.
31) fee (n.) 費用
I think this lawyer's fee is too high.
32) participant (n.) 參與者
In order to be a participant in the game, you must be under 25 years old.
33) judge (v.) 評審,裁判
They asked five people to judge the beauty contest(選美比賽).
34) expert (n.) 專家
Jerry is an expert on American history.
One need not be an expert to 35)appreciate photography in general, though. By looking through photos in newspapers and magazines, one can easily see how valuable photography is to journalism. Sometimes words fail, especially in 36)circumstances that are life-changing: take 37)tragedy or great 38)victory, for example. When words don't work, photographs can speak volumes. In addition to this, photos can 39)trigger our 40)curiosity, encouraging us to ask questions and 41)explore issues.
35) appreciate (v.) 欣賞,賞識
Some people can't appreciate the value of good art.
36) circumstance (n.) 情況,環境
What were the circumstances of the accident(意外事件)?
37) tragedy (n.) 悲劇
The bus crash(撞車) that killed 24 children was a tragedy.
38) victory (n.) 勝利,成功
Let's go out and celebrate(慶祝) our victory.
39) trigger (v.) 引起,觸發
Music can trigger memories(回憶) in all of us.
40) curiosity (n.) 好奇心
There's an old saying that goes, "Curiosity killed the cat."
41) explore (v.) 探索
Ben used a flashlight(手電筒) to explore the cave.
The 2006 World Press Photo winning photos are now on the World Press Photo website (www.worldpressphoto.nl). They are 42)featured in World Press Photo's traveling 43)exhibition, which visits 40 countries each year. A book is also published annually to 44)showcase the winning photos. Whether one is a photography expert or a person who simply likes pictures, exploring what World Press Photo offers will probably be time well-spent!
2006 年世界新聞攝影的得獎作品目刻刊登在該組織網站上(www.worldpressphoto.nl)。這些照片是世界新聞攝影巡迴展的主角,這項展覽每年都會在 40 個國家巡迴展出。得獎作品每年也會出一本書來亮相。無論您是攝影專家或只是個喜歡照片的人,世界新聞攝影展出的作品很可能都值得您花時間一探究竟!
42) feature (v.) 以……為號召,作為主角 〈+ in〉
Today's show features a trained bear.
43) exhibition (n.) 展覽,展示
Amanda is holding an exhibition of her paintings next month.
44) showcase (v.) 陳列,使亮相
The play showcased Tom's acting talents(才藝).
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