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Here's Something You May Not Know: Disney Blue  「迪士尼藍」的神奇魅力
by Brian Foden

It turns out that Disney often dresses its princesses in blue.

  With memorable characters such as Cinderella, Belle, Elsa, and Jasmine, Disney has pretty much cornered the market on princesses. One thing that fans─most of them impressionable young girls─have likely missed is that the heroines are connected by one color they wear, specifically blue. Disney princesses are all fond of wearing blue outfits, a fact that Disney designer Christopher Kane has talked about to Elle magazine. "When you think of every Disney heroine─Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine─they're all wearing blue! It's a thing. 'Disney Blue,'" Kane said.
  But why blue? The answer, according to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, an American-based corporation that calls itself the "global authority on color," is because of the associations blue has with the power and calmness of nature. "It's something to look forward to, to see that blue sky," Eiseman said. "It's dependable. It's reliable. It might cloud up, but we know it's there." In addition to the positive connotations the color blue possesses, it is also a hue that is more associated with boys than girls. For that reason, Eiseman said, when female characters are dressed in that more masculine color, they take on a sense of power they might not otherwise have. The effect may be subtle, but it does have an impact, she added. An air of respectability may also come from the fact that blue is a practical color, the color of workwear, according to Jacqueline Durran, who designed costumes for Disney's live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson. So, now that we are aware of "Disney Blue," we can add color choice to the techniques that the huge entertainment company employs to bring its wildly popular animated fairy tales to life.
1. Which best describes "Disney Blue?"
(A) Disney princesses often wear the color blue.
(B) Disney uses the same color of blue for each princess.
(C) Disney has created a new type of dark blue.
(D) All Disney characters are associated with blue.
2. What is the Pantone Color Institute?
(A) A company that gives color advice to Disney.
(B) An institution that designs costumes for movies.
(C) A company that is an authority on the use of colors.
(D) A school where designers learn about making movies.
3. What is NOT mentioned about the associations of the color blue?
(A) It has a sense of strength.
(B) It is a sad color.
(C) It is a peaceful color.
(D) It is more connected with boys than girls.
4. What point does Durran make about blue?
(A) Blue is the color of the sea and sky.
(B) Not many people know about "Disney Blue."
(C) Emma Watson enjoys wearing blue.
(D) Blue is a normal color of work clothing.


1. memorable a. 難忘的
The most memorable experience of my life was climbing Mount Everest.

2. heroine n. 女主角;女英雄
: hero n. 男主角;男英雄
What's the name of the heroine in the movie we saw last night?

3. specifically adv. 尤其,特別
The doctor warned Alan specifically not to eat eggs.

4. outfit n. 全套服裝
That necklace complements your outfit.
*complement vt. 襯托;補足

5. authority n. 權威,權力(不可數);專家,權威人物(可數);當局(恆用複數)
: the authorities concerned  有關當局
Teenagers often rebel against adult authority.
*rebel against...  對抗……,反抗……
Dr. Nelson is an authority in that field.
The authorities concerned should take immediate action to deal with the problem.

6. association n. 關聯,關係;合作
: in association with...  與……聯合/合作
associate vt. 把……聯想在一起
be associated with...  與……聯想在一起;和……有關聯
We sponsored a charity event in association with the broadcasting corporation.
*sponsor vt. 資助,贊助
broadcasting n. 廣播
Many traffic accidents are associated with drinking alcohol.

7. dependable a. 可靠的;穩定的
: depend vi. 依靠,依賴
depend on...  依賴/依靠……
= rely / count on...
I'd like to marry a man who is always dependable.
Do you have a dependable source of income?
Your entrance into university depends on your exam scores.

8. reliable a. 可信賴的
The weather forecast is not always reliable, so you'd better carry an umbrella with you, just in case.
*forecast n. 預測,預報

9. otherwise adv. 不同地,相反地
Unless otherwise noted, you should arrive one hour before the performance.

10. subtle a. 微妙的,細微的
These two pictures look the same at first
glance, but there are subtle differences.

11. star vt. 由……(某人)主演
The movie stars Nicolas Cage as a cop with a strong sense of justice.

12. employ vt. 採用
We'll employ any method necessary to get publicity for our new line of shoes.
*publicity n. 曝光,(媒體的)關注

13. animated a. 動畫的
The animated movie was so true to life that I thought it was real.

impressionable a. 易受感動的;易受影響的
executive a. 執行的;行政上的
institute n. 機構
: institution n. 機構;團體
corporation n.(大型)公司,企業
connotation n. 意涵
hue n. 色調;顏色,色彩
masculine a. 男性的;男人味的
: feminine a. 女性的;女人味的
respectability n. 可敬
live-action a. 真人表演的

1. turn out + that 子句  原來是/結果(竟然)……
: turn out to be...  原來是/結果是……
It turns out that the gentleman is a thief.
Ken's sad story turned out to be a lie.

2. dress sb in sth  給某人穿上某物
: be dressed in...  穿著……
= be clad in...
clad a. 穿……衣服的
Molly dressed her daughter in her best pink dress.
Princess Rebecca was dressed in a long, flowing gown designed by Gucci.
*gown n.(女生的)長禮服

3. corner the market  壟斷市場
corner vt. 壟斷
Apple has cornered the market in digital music with the iTunes store.
蘋果靠著 iTunes 商店壟斷數位音樂的市場。

4. be fond of...  喜歡……
My grandfather is fond of playing chess with his buddies at the park.
*buddy n. 好友,老兄(多用於口語中)

5. look forward to N/V-ing  期待??
Tim looks forward to attending Oxford this fall.

6. cloud up(...)  轉成陰天;使……模糊不清
: cloud over  布滿烏雲
The heat and moisture in the room clouded up the windows.
*moisture n. 水分
The sky clouded over before it began to rain.

7. take on...  開始具有/呈現……
John's life took on a new meaning after his near-death experience.

8. be aware of...  知道/明白/意識到……
I wasn't aware of my spelling mistakes until Sandy pointed them out to me.

9. bring sth to life  使某物栩栩如生
Kelly's vivid descriptions bring the characters in her novel to life.
*vivid a. 鮮明的;活潑的;生動的
description n. 描述,形容

But why blue?
why 為疑問副詞,其後可接任何的名詞、代名詞
Why + 名詞/代名詞/原形動詞?   為什麼(是)……?
Why red?
Why me?
Why listen to Jim when you already know what to do?
Why not + 原形動詞?  為什麼不……?
此用法為 "Why don't you + 原形動詞?" 的化簡;而 "Why + 原形動詞 ?" 的用法中,why 之後通常省略了助動詞 should 及主詞 you、I、we 等。
Why not stay here a little longer?
= Why don't you stay here a little longer?



1. 何者是「迪士尼藍」的最佳敘述?
(A) 迪士尼公主通常穿著藍色服裝。
(B) 迪士尼給每位公主使用相同的藍色。
(C) 迪士尼創造了一種新款深藍色。
(D) 所有的迪士尼角色都與藍色有關。
題解:根據本文第一段,迪士尼設計師克里斯多夫.凱恩說:「當你想到每一位迪士尼女主人翁(如灰姑娘、睡美人、茉莉公主)時,她們都是穿藍的!這是一個共通的現象。『迪士尼藍』。」,故 (A) 項應為正選。
2. 彩通是什麼?
(A) 一家提供色彩建議給迪士尼的公司。
(B) 一家為電影設計服裝的機構。
(C) 一家用色權威的公司。
(D) 一所讓設計師學習製作電影的學校。
題解:根據本文第二段,彩通是一家總部位於美國、自稱是全球色彩權威的機構,故 (C) 項應為正選。
3. 關於藍色的聯想,何者未被提及?
(A) 它有一股力量。
(B) 它是一種令人難過的顏色。
(C) 它是一種寧靜的色彩。
(D) 和女孩相比,它與男孩有更多關聯。
題解:根據本文第二段,藍色與大自然的力量和寧靜相關;和女孩相比,藍色也是一種與男孩更為相關的色調,僅 (B) 項未被提及,故為正選。
4. 杜倫對藍色提出什麼論點?
(A) 藍色是海洋和天空的顏色。
(B) 很少人知道「迪士尼藍」。
(C) 艾瑪.華森喜愛穿藍色。
(D) 藍色是工作服的典型顏色。
題解:根據本文第二段,據賈桂琳.杜倫(她為艾瑪.華森主演的《美女與野獸》真人版設計服裝)表示,藍色能散發出可敬的味道也可能因為它是實用的顏色、是工作服的顏色這個事實,故 (D) 項應為正選。
答案: 1. A 2. C 3. B 4. D


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