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2018/11/06 第388期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

Wild Russia: Siberia  野性俄羅斯:西伯利亞
by Evan Witkowski

The Siberian territory has extreme changes in temperature throughout the year, but wildlife still manages to survive.


  A large region of Russia known as Siberia makes up nearly 10% of the land on our planet. The expansive Siberian landscape ranges from frozen tundra in the north to rugged steppes in the south. Diverse habitats and the animals that have adapted to living in this unique climate are the subject of National Geographic’s Wild Russia: Siberia.
  As one of the coldest locations in the Northern Hemisphere, most of Siberia is a wilderness unlike any other. Because the terrain and conditions are so harsh, not many people travel there. Untouched and vast natural ecosystems allow for wildlife to flourish. From mammals like musk deer, camels, and grey wolves to the incredible Siberian salamander, animals that live in Siberia are specially suited to withstand the freezing cold temperatures and extreme weather. In winter, temperatures can drop as low as -62 degrees Celsius and climb as high as 40 degrees Celsius in summer.
  Siberian salamanders in particular are amazing because they have the astounding ability to stay alive for years while frozen solid in blocks of ice. Instead of thick coats of fur or fatty tissue to insulate against the low temperatures like most animals in Siberia, these salamanders have their own way of coping. Their blood contains compounds similar to antifreeze that allow them to maintain their vital signs when any other animal would succumb to the bitter cold. National Geographic’s Wild Russia: Siberia shows stunning footage of the remote landscapes and the wildlife that calls Siberia home, which is enough to melt your heart.


1. territory n. 領土,屬地
Those warriors failed in their conquest of the new territory.

2. expansive a. 廣闊的
This expansive wetland is home to many rare animals.

3. rugged a. 崎嶇不平的
The eastern part of the island is known for its rugged terrain.

4. diverse a. 多樣的;不同的
: diversity n. 多樣性
This city’s diverse population makes life more colorful and interesting.
I like the diversity of flavors at this huge ice cream shop.

5. habitat n.(動物)棲息地
We all must do our best to preserve the natural habitat of these butterflies.

6. untouched a. 未經破壞的,保持原貌的
The building remained untouched, even after the massive earthquake.

7. flourish vi.(生長)茂盛;繁榮
Julie’s plants flourished in her backyard.

8. withstand vt. 承受,抵擋(三態為:withstand, withstood, withstood。)
: resist vt.
Emma could not withstand the pain of losing her dog.

9. solid a. 固體的 & n. 固體
Iron and gold are forms of solid matter.
When water freezes, it becomes a solid.

10. insulate vt. 隔絕(電、熱、聲音等)
Our recording studio is insulated against noise.

11. cope vi. 應付,處理
: cope with...  應付/處理……
It is difficult for Sara to cope with all five of her children.

12. compound n. 化合物
Water is a compound containing one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms.
*hydrogen n. 氫

wildlife n. 野生動物
tundra n. 凍原;苔原
steppe n.(尤指俄羅斯、亞洲和東歐的)大草原/乾草原
wilderness n. 荒野,荒漠
terrain n. 地勢,地形
ecosystem n. 生態系統
mammal n. 哺乳動物
a musk deer  麝香鹿
 musk n. 麝香
salamander n. 蠑螈
astounding a. 令人驚奇的
: astounded a. 感到驚奇的
coat n.(動物的)皮毛
fatty tissue  脂肪組織
antifreeze n. 防凍劑

1. manage to V  設法(做)……
Even though I am busy studying, I manage to go swimming two or three times a week.

2. make up...  構成/組成……
: make up for...  補償/彌補……
Chinese people make up a large majority of the population of Singapore.
Nothing can make up for the loss of a child.

3. range from A to B  範圍從 A 到 B(都有)
The students in this graduate program range in ages from 18 to 80.

4. adapt to N/V-ing  適應……
: adjust to N/V-ing
Brought up in the country, I find it hard to adapt to city life.

5. succumb to + 病痛  死於某種病痛
比較succumb to...  屈服於……
Nancy finally succumbed to the illness that had caused her years of pain.
Carlos is a man of strong character; he never succumbs to threats.



  俄羅斯有一大片區域被稱為西伯利亞,其構成地球上將近 10% 的陸地。廣闊的西伯利亞地貌從北部的凍原帶到南部崎嶇的大草原都有。多元的棲息地以及在這種獨特氣候下適應生活的動物正是國家地理《野性俄羅斯:西伯利亞》的主題。




「在科技業加班是常態,工時長得令人筋疲力竭,回到家常常已是晚上 10 點,只能在睡前略讀一下,成效不彰。」以上是我的親身見證與故事,與您分享。

從不會到很會,英語能力養成計畫 從不會到很會,英語能力養成計畫
大多數人在學習英文的歷程當中,有非常多的字句、單字都是不常會用到的,也因為這樣,而提不起興趣,久久不用就把單字忘光了,其實日常會用到的單字可能 1,000 個都不到,你應該從你真正用的到的字句開始學起


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