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2019/04/09 第409期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

When Exercise Becomes Too Much of a Good Thing  一天不運動就受不了?小心運動成癮症上身!
by Brian Foden


  You know about addiction to drugs and cigarettes, and you’ve most likely heard of gambling and internet compulsions, alcoholics, and hoarders, but here’s one you may not be cognizant of: fitness addicts. We’re not just talking about avid fitness buffs in this case. __1__ In short, even though it’s not officially recognized by the American Psychiatric Association as a disorder, fitness addiction bears many of the hallmarks of a mental disorder.
  Fitness addicts are intensely focused on exercising and do it to such an excess that it hurts them physically and mentally. Like junkies hooked on heroin, people dependent on exercise go through withdrawal symptoms if they haven’t had their regular exercise fix. __2__ While people addicted to working out don’t have the yellow-stained teeth of cigarette smokers or the smell of whiskey on the breath of an alcoholic, there are other telltale signs. __3__ Also, their social lives may spiral downwards due to the excessive amount of time they spend at the gym.
  So, how to avoid fitness addiction? __4__ An instructor can also help you exercise appropriately. If you know someone with this problem, encourage them to seek professional help, which may include consultations with a medical doctor and a psychologist. __5__ Recognizing the danger, seeking help, and taking steps to control their compulsions are important steps in recovering from any addiction.
(A) Exercising with a friend may help because your pal can remind you when you are working out too much.
(B) People who feel pressure to stay in shape are at risk of developing fitness addiction.
(C) These hard-core exercisers are identified by their uncontrollable urge to work out no matter how much pain they feel.
(D) Fitness addicts may suffer from frequent injuries due to their obsession.
(E) Once they get the expert help they need, fitness addicts have a better chance of ridding themselves of this problem.
(F) Similarly, just as people with an obsessive-compulsive disorder have little or no control over their behavior, these fitness fanatics can’t stop themselves from going overboard.


1. 第一題空格應選 (C)
a. 本空格在測試對段落語意連貫性的掌握,答題線索為空格前的 avid fitness buffs。
b. 空格前提到,在這個案例中,我們談的不僅僅是狂熱的健身愛好者,而選項 (C) 說明運動成癮者是無論感到多痛都要去健身的不可救藥運動人士,語意連貫,可知答案應選 (C)。
a. hard-core a. 不可救藥的;頑固不化的
b. identify vt. 辨識,認出
•Josh identified the young woman as his colleague.
c. uncontrollable a. 控制不住的
•Unless action is taken, global warming is sure to cause uncontrollable disasters in the years to come.
d. urge n. 衝動,強烈的慾望
have an / the urge to V  有想做……的衝動
•Peggy had the urge to cry when her teacher scolded her.

2. 第二題空格應選 (F)
a. 本空格在測試對段落語意連貫性的掌握,本段第一句提及運動成癮者會過度運動到傷害自己的身心,而空格前一句舉出過度運動傷害生理的例子:如同對海洛因上癮的毒癮者,依賴運動的人若沒有做到平時的運動量,他們就會經歷脫癮症狀,可推知空格應提及過度運動傷害心理的例子。
b. 選項 (F) 表示,同樣地,如同強迫症患者難以控制自己的行為,這些運動狂熱分子也無法阻止自己過度運動,與前一句的語意連貫,並呼應本段主題句提到過度運動對身心的傷害,可知答案應選 (F)。
a. an obsessive-compulsive disorder  強迫症
obsessive a.(醫學)強度的;痴迷的
compulsive a. 難以抑制的,強迫性的
disorder n.(身體機能的)失調;疾病
b. fanatic n. 狂熱者
c. go overboard  做得太過火
overboard adv. 做事太過頭/極端地
•My mother went overboard preparing for my sister’s wedding.

3. 第三題空格應選 (D)
a. 本空格在測試對段落語意發展的掌握,答題線索為空格前的 telltale signs。
b. 空格前提到,運動成癮者也有其他會讓他們露餡的症狀,選項 (D) 則舉其中一個症狀為例:運動成癮者可能會因為這種痴迷飽受經常受傷之苦,語意連貫,可知答案應選 (D)。
a. suffer from...  飽受……之苦;罹患……疾病
•My father has been suffering from a bad back for 20 years.
b. obsession n. 痴迷
obsess vt. 使痴迷(常用被動)
be / become obsessed with...  迷上……
•Today’s obsession with thinness equaling beauty is affecting teenagers.
•Carl became obsessed with sports cars after he attended the car exhibition.

4. 第四題空格應選 (A)
a. 本空格在測試對段落語連貫性的掌握,空格前提出要如何避免運動成癮的疑問,空格後則說明教練也能幫助避免運動成癮,可推知空格應提及另一個避免運動成癮的方法。
b. 選項 (A) 表示,和朋友一起運動可能會有所幫助,因為朋友能在你運動過度時提醒你,語意連貫,可知答案應選 (A)。

5. 第五題空格應選 (E)
a. 本空格在測試對段落語意發展的掌握,答題線索為空格前的 professional help。
b. 空格前提到,如果你知道有誰有這個問題,鼓勵他們尋求專業協助,這可能包含諮詢醫生或是心理學家,選項 (E) 表示,一旦運動成癮者得到了需要的專業協助,他們就很有可能擺脫這個問題,語意連貫,且兩句皆提及專業協助有助於擺脫運動成癮,可知答案應選 (E)。
a. expert a. 專家的;內行的
•This center provides expert advice for people with financial problems.
b. rid A of B  使 A 擺脫/除去 B
•Scientists are trying to find out how to rid people of that disease.

1. be cognizant of...  知道/了解……
cognizant a. 知道的,了解的
•Politicians must be cognizant of the political boundaries within which they work.

2. be hooked on...  迷上……
•Matt is hooked on novels about people who ride dragons.

3. be dependent on...  依賴……
be independent of...  脫離……而獨立
•The unemployed man is now dependent on social welfare.
•Jenny wants to get a job and be independent of her parents.

1. addiction n. 成癮(狀態)(常與介詞 to 並用)
addict n. 有(毒)癮的人 & vt. 使成癮/沉迷
be / get addicted to N/V-ing  對……上癮;沉迷於……
•Ed’s addiction to alcohol has ruined his career.
•The officer disguised herself as a drug addict to catch the drug dealer.
•I got addicted to smoking while in college. Now I’m finding it very hard to kick the bad habit.

2. hallmark n. 特徵,標誌
•One of the hallmark traits of the “Me Generation” is a rejection of tradition.

3. intensely adv. 極度地,強烈地
•Apple products have become intensely popular all over the world.

4. excess n. 過度,過分
an excess of...  過量的……
excessive a. 過度的,過多的;極度的
•Drinking an excess of sports drinks isn’t good for you.
•In some cases, excessive discipline makes children more likely to rebel.

5. stain n. 汙點,汙跡 & vt. 沾汙,弄髒
•This new product can remove all kinds of stains in five seconds.
•The pen stained my suit with ink.

6. spiral vi.(情勢)急遽惡化;(債務或價格)失控上漲
spiral out of control  失控
•If prices continue to spiral out of control, it is reasonable to expect the eventual collapse of the stock market.

7. downward(s) adv. 向下地
•The sales figures seem to be slipping steadily downwards, which is rather worrying.

8. appropriately adv. 適當地;合適地
•You should have behaved more appropriately at the party last night.

9. consultation n. 諮詢;協商
•After a consultation with his lawyer, Randy decided to sue the company.

alcoholic n. 酗酒者 & a. 含酒精的
•Helen’s husband is an alcoholic and often beats her when he is drunk.
•Pregnant women should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.
字尾 -oholic / -aholic / -holic 表「……狂/熱愛者」,是從 alcoholic 演變而來。以此為字尾的常見單字尚有下列︰
a. workaholic n. 工作狂
•Tiffany is a workaholic; she works an average of 16 hours a day.
b. shopaholic n. 購物狂
•My sister is a shopaholic. The things she has purchased take up her entire apartment.
c. chocoholic / chocaholic n. 嗜吃巧克力者
•The chocoholic defended his addiction by saying dark chocolate is good for one’s health.
d. cyberholic n. 網路成癮者
•Jason is a cyberholic who plays computer games nonstop.


compulsion n.(克制不住的)強烈慾望
hoarder n. 囤積狂(指非常喜歡囤積東西的人)
hoard vt. 囤積,貯藏
avid a. 熱切的
buff n.(電影、音樂、電腦等的)迷,愛好者
psychiatric a. 精神病學的
junkie n. 上癮者
heroin n. 海洛因
withdrawal symptoms  脫癮/戒斷症狀(恆用複數)
withdrawal n. 脫癮;撤退,撤回
symptom n. 症狀
fix n.(毒品或致癮物的)一次用量
whiskey n. 威士忌
a telltale sign  露餡的祕密
telltale a. 洩漏祕密的
instructor n. 教練;指導員
psychologist n. 心理學家


1. C 2. F 3. D 4. A 5. E



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