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2020/08/18 第473期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

What If Anything Were Possible? 最貧窮的哈佛女孩


 Liz Murray’s life story is sure to leave anyone awed and inspired. Murray grew up in poverty with parents who were drug addicts. Both parents later became HIV positive, and Murray became homeless. In 1996, Murray’s mother passed away, and at this point, Murray decided that she wanted to go to school. At the age of 17, while still living on the streets, she enrolled in high school. Two years later, she was accepted into Harvard and received a scholarship. Despite taking several years off to care for her father, Murray graduated from Harvard before going on to become an author and motivational speaker.

 Murray addressed much of her past in a TED Talk in San Diego, but she didn’t just share her story. She also talked about Ben Underwood, a young man that had his eyes removed at the age of three because of cancer. Afterward, Ben learned to use echolocation to “see” his environment and easily move about. *As notable as it was that Ben was able to rely on sound waves to establish where things were, Murray found that his ultimate success was less important than the drive that Ben had to develop that amazing ability. As she asks, “What is it inside a person that refuses to say ‘I will label myself as blind’ and find another way?”
 As Murray explains, this drive comes down to the “what if” voice. For Ben, it was: what if he could find a new way to see? For herself, she wondered what would happen if she went to school, if she got good grades, and if she applied to college. In asking these questions and acting on them, Murray argues that anyone can find new opportunities for themselves and their future.


   addict  n. 有(毒)癮的人
   HIV 人類免疫缺乏病毒(會透過體液在人跟人之間傳染,攻擊人類免疫系統,使其無法正常運作,感染後若未妥善治療,發展至第三階段時便會成為愛滋病)
   scholarship  n. 獎學金
   echolocation  n. 回聲定位(法)

1.    awed a. 心懷崇敬的
      be awed into silence by...  因……而肅然起敬
•   The tourists were awed into silence by the ancient buildings.
2.    inspired  a. 受到鼓舞的
•   Every time I see doctors trying their best to solve patients’ problems and save lives, I feel touched and inspired.
3.    poverty  n. 貧窮,貧困
•   Economic recessions lead to unemployment and poverty.
 4.    positive  a.(醫學檢驗)呈陽性的
      negative  a.(醫學檢驗)呈陰性的
•   Six residents in this building tested positive for COVID-19.
5.    enroll  vi. 註冊;報名修課(與介詞 in 並用)
•   About 100 students enrolled in Professor Johnson’s writing course this semester.
6.    motivational  a. 激勵人心的
•   Angela impressed the audience with her motivational speech.
7.    address  vt. 提出;向……發表演說
•   Paul addressed some of the problems at the start of the meeting.
•   I feel honored to have this opportunity to address all of you tonight.
8.    notable  a. 值得注意的
•   The president’s most notable achievement was creating a universal health care system.
9.    establish vt. 確定;設立
•   We must establish the facts before we take any action.
•   It takes quite a bit of effort to establish a successful business.
10.  ultimate  a. 最後的,最終的
•   The ultimate decision regarding who to hire will be made by the boss.
11.  drive  n. 動力,幹勁
•   Tony has tremendous drive, so I think he will do well in this task.
12.  opportunity  n. 機會
      seize the opportunity  把握機會
•   You should seize every opportunity to speak English.

1.    pass away  過世(為 die 的委婉語)
•   My favorite teacher passed away last month.
2.    be accepted into...  被允許/接受進入……
•   Only four people were accepted into the advanced training course.
3.    care for...  照顧……(= look after...)
•   Lily cared for her little brother when their parents were abroad.
4.    move about / around  隨意移動
•   It was hard to move about with so many people in the club.
5.    label A as B   將 A 貼上 B 的標籤;將 A 說成/稱為 B
•   The press labeled the politician as a liar.
6.    come down to N/V-ing  歸結於……
•   The man’s decision came down to choosing between being rich or being happy.
7.    act on / upon...  根據……行事
•   Frank was quick to act on Monica’s suggestion.

apply to + 學校/機關/公司等  
•   Keith didn’t apply to that university because it’s too expensive.
apply to... vs apply for...
a.    “apply to...” 後面也可以和 for 並用,表「向某學校/機關/公司等申請某物」。
•   Mike is applying to National Taiwan University for admission to law school.
b.    apply to... 亦可表「適用於……」。
•   The new regulations apply to everyone in our company.
c.    apply for...   申請……(某物);應徵……(某職位)
•   Lucy has applied for a transfer to the sales department.
•   Zack has applied for a job at that startup.
apply 除了作不及物動詞表「申請;適用」外,還可以作及物動詞,有以下用法:
a.    表「運用,應用」。
apply A to B  將 A 運用於 B
•   We are applying new technology to our new products.
b.    表「塗,敷」。
apply A to B  將 A 塗(抹)/敷在 B 上
•   We will apply the frosting once the cake has cooled completely.
*frosting n.(糕點上的)糖霜
•   You should apply some sunscreen to your skin before going outside.
c.    表「按,踩」。
•   Nicole applied the brakes as she approached the sharp curve.


  莉姿.茉芮的人生故事一定會讓任何人感到崇敬並受到鼓舞。茉芮在貧窮中長大,和有毒癮的父母一同生活。她的雙親後來都檢驗出 HIV 陽性,茉芮也變得無家可歸。1996 年,茉芮的母親離世,而在此時,茉芮決定要去上學。她在十七歲仍流落街頭時上了高中。兩年後,她獲准進入哈佛大學就讀並拿到了一筆獎學金。儘管茉芮為了照顧父親而休學了幾年,她仍然從哈佛畢業,接著成為一名作家及勵志演講者。

  茉芮在聖地牙哥的 TED Talk 中談到許多她的過去生活,但她不光是分享自身的故事而已。她也提到了班.安德伍德 ── 一名因為罹患癌症而在三歲時被摘除雙眼的年輕男子。之後,班學會利用回聲定位來「看」他的環境並行動自如。雖然班能靠聲波來確定物體位置這件事很值得注意,但茉芮發現,和班培養出這種驚人能力的動力相比,他最終的成功就沒那麼重要了。她在演說中問道:「一個拒絕說『我會為自己貼上盲人的標籤』並尋找其他方法的人,他的內心世界會是什麼樣子?」






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