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(A) 大幅削減
(B) (交通)尖峰時間
(C) 複製品

By dispatching Chinese made products to the 2016 Rio Olympics, China asserts its position as a manufacturing giant. Here are some Chinese exports for the Olympics.

Olympic Metro Trains
Rio’s Line 4 metro, also called the Olympic line, is manufactured by the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation. The new line, with five-station covering 16 kilometers, cuts commuting time from downtown Rio to the Olympic Park by 30 minutes. Meanwhile, it can transport 300,000 people per day. It is estimated that 4,000 cars are (A) slashed at (B) peak times during the Olympics.

Olympic Uniforms
Adidas has been replaced by 361°, a Chinese sportswear company, at the Olympics this year. Being responsible for nearly 100,000 uniforms for Olympic and Paralympic staff and volunteers, 361° had to pass the production standard of Rio 2016 Organizing Committee.

Olympic A/C
Who is keeping the iconic Maracana Stadium cool? Yet another Chinese company. Gree provides air conditioning units for the main stadium and the Olympic Village. In 2011, the company set up a subsidiary in Brazil, and it is now one of the top three brands in Brazil.

Olympic Security
Nuctech Co., Ltd, a security service supplier originating out of Tsinghua University, is providing 200 security scanners to ensure the security of half a million people from around the world and 11,000 athletes during the Games. About 1200 interphones have been (1) put into use during the opening ceremony and Games’ events were made by a ShenZhen company Hytera.

Olympic Equipment
Jinling Sports has (2) taken over the Olympic volleyball court by providing everything from the nets and the posts, to the referees’ chairs. On the weightlifting stage, Hebei Zhang Kong Barbell has broken the long standing Japanese monopoly and become the sole barbell supplier.

Olympic Souvenir
2.5 million of (C) replicas of Vinicius and Tom—the Olympic and paralympic mascots—were shipped from its manufacturing base in China. The producer is Beijing Huajiang Culture Development Company, which designed and produced the Olympic stuffed toys, badges, and handicrafts. The company also earned itself the exclusive rights to distribute the products.奧運紀念品

(1) put into use 使用
I hope that they are able to put the elevator into service again soon.

(2) taken over 控制
Will you please take over the children?

Take over也可以當作接管的意思:
It looks like I'm going to have to take the project over.




  1. Kevin seldom talks of anything beyond English. 凱文很少談及英文以外的事情。
  2. Your creative writing is very excellent! 你的文學創作非常出色!
  3. You don’t know how old I am? My age is already thirty! 你不知道我幾歲?我已經三十歲了!
  4. It’s kind for you to bring me this book. 你真好,帶給我這本書。
  5. I don't feel about having a cup of tea now. 我現在不想喝茶。


  1. Kevin seldom talks of anything but English. beyond和but都有「除…以外」的意思,但nothing、nobody、who、all等字的後面習慣用but。
  2. Your creative writing is excellent! excellent這個字本身就有「極好、極優」的意思,所以之前不能再用very加以修飾。
  3. You don’t know how old I am? I’m already thirty! 如果他人詢問年齡,回答的習慣用語多半是I’m thirty或I’m thirty years old,不必多此一舉加my age。
  4. It’s kind of you to bring me this book. It is+形容詞+of somebody to do something是一種固定句型,特別用來表示一個人的品德、脾氣或習慣。
  5. I don't feel like having a cup of tea now. 表示「想要、意欲」的固定用語是feel like,且其後應該接名詞或動名詞

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