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2016/09/16 第142期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份
紐時周報精選 An Aging Boy Band Calls It Quits, but Japan Can’t Let Go/男孩樂團變老喊解散 日人不放手
New York City's Medical Schools Will Stop Using Unclaimed Bodies/紐約8所醫學院 不再解剖無主遺體
An Aging Boy Band Calls It Quits, but Japan Can’t Let Go/男孩樂團變老喊解散 日人不放手

For nearly three decades, millions of Japanese have clamored for their every album, lined up with breathless anticipation for their concerts and gathered on Monday nights for their hit television show.

Now, the nation is awash with anguish over word that SMAP — Japan’s longest-running boy band, if it can still be called that with its youngest member pushing 40 — is splitting up.



The news has dominated newspaper headlines and television talk shows since the band’s announcement this month. Even the mayor of Tokyo and two members of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet have weighed in. One said he was worried about the effect on the Japanese economy, the world’s third-largest.

“We will not let them stop!” a grieving fan wrote in one of more than a dozen petitions on change.org pleading with the aging heartthrobs to remain together. “If we let them go and disband, it means Japan is finished.”



To understand the bedlam unfolding here, think of the Beatles’ breaking up, the airing of the final episode of “Seinfeld” and the “conscious uncoupling” of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin all rolled into one — the end of an era on the Japanese cultural landscape.

SMAP’s most famous saccharine single, “The Only Flower in the World,” is regularly taught in Japan’s schools. But SMAP is not just a wildly popular band whose albums have sold more than 35 million copies, making it one of the most successful musical acts in Japanese history.



For two decades, its five members — Masahiro Nakai, Takuya Kimura, Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi and Shingo Katori — have also hosted one of Japan’s top-rated television programs, “SMAP X SMAP,” a family-friendly variety show in which they cook for celebrity guests, compete in games, perform comedic skits and, of course, sing. Each has starred on his own in numerous television series, movies and commercials. The frontman, Nakai, has been a newscaster for several Olympic Games.

20年來,SMAP的5位成員,中居正廣、木村拓哉、稻垣吾郎、草彅剛和香取慎吾,同時是日本收視率極高電視節目「SMAP X SMAP」的主持人。他們在這個適合闔家觀賞的綜藝節目中為名人嘉賓做菜、玩競賽遊戲、表演喜劇橋段,當然,還有唱歌。每一團員都獨自在許多電視連續劇、電影和廣告中擔綱。主唱中居正廣還是數屆奧運的新聞主播。

The group, whose members started out as teenagers performing on skateboards and now range in age from 39 to 44, managed to both broaden its audience beyond adolescent girls and hold on to them over the years. Many of their most ardent fans are women who grew up with them.

SMAP, an acronym for Sports Music Assemble People, also has legions of fans in China, South Korea, Taiwan and elsewhere in Asia.



說文解字看新聞 文/王麗娟

日本偶像天團SMAP宣布將於今年底解散,不僅日本舉國譁然,紐約時報也特別報導。導言一連用了clamor for與line up以及gather來描述SMAP家喻戶曉的魅力,隨後更以1960年代的英倫天團「披頭四」解散、「酷玩」樂團主唱克里斯馬丁與奧斯卡影后葛妮絲派楚勞燕分飛(conscious uncoupling)做比喻,協助不是那麼熟悉SMAP的讀者進入狀況,是很有技巧的寫作方式。



New York City's Medical Schools Will Stop Using Unclaimed Bodies/紐約8所醫學院 不再解剖無主遺體
文/Nina Bernstein

The eight medical schools in New York City will no longer accept the city’s unclaimed bodies as cadavers, forswearing a practice that dates back to the 19th century, the schools announced on Wednesday. And a group representing the 16 medical schools in the state is withdrawing its opposition to a recently passed bill that would end the educational use of bodies with no known survivors.

The announcements, made in a statement by the Associated Medical Schools of New York, reflect the changing politics and practicalities of acquiring bodies for dissection in a time of public sensitivity to inequality and informed consent.



New York-based medical schools, which train more students than those in any other state, have had a dwindling need for unclaimed bodies in recent years as their body donation programs grew. Still, the association strongly opposed a bill this year that would require written consent from a spouse or next of kin before city officials could release an unclaimed body to a school, unless the deceased had already registered as a body donor. It cited a current shortfall of 38 cadavers out of about 800 typically used to teach future doctors each year.

But the bill passed both houses overwhelmingly in June, a month after a New York Times investigation highlighted provisions in the current law that give families as little as 48 hours to claim a relative’s body before the city must make it available for dissection or embalming practice.



That bill is awaiting the signature of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, to become law. Now, the association says that medical schools can make up any shortfall by promoting their body donation programs. The two schools without such a program — CUNY College of Medicine and Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine — have both begun developing them, the association said. Traditionally, medical schools share donated cadavers with schools that run short.

“Donating your body to science is the ultimate gift a person can make,” Jo Wiederhorn, president of the medical schools association, said. “We can’t train future doctors without these donations, and, in many cases, we can’t make medical discoveries that lead to cures and life improvements without them.”



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