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2018/05/11 第215期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份
編輯小語 Taking Trips That Mean Something 「道路學者」平均70歲!成年旅客新趨勢:有意義的旅行
Musicians Aging in Concert 米蘭音樂家安養院 晚年仍有知音相伴
Taking Trips That Mean Something 「道路學者」平均70歲!成年旅客新趨勢:有意義的旅行
文/Julie Weed

Carol Sullivan awoke recently in Cuenca, Ecuador, excited for the day ahead. She was in the second week of her study abroad experience, and after Spanish class, she and her fellow students were going to the local market to buy dinner ingredients and practice their new language skills.

“The local women may be aghast at how little we know but are very willing to let us try,” Sullivan said. She and her husband, Terry, who is also her classmate, are in their early 70s.The Sullivans are part of a trend among adult travelers, who show a growing interest in going to class, volunteering or working abroad as part of their experience.


蘇利文說:「本地的婦女可能對我們會得如此之少目瞪口呆,但非常樂意讓我們嚐試。」 她的丈夫泰瑞是她的同班同學,兩人都70歲出頭。蘇利文夫婦代表著成年旅客一種新趨勢,他們對到國外上課、當志工或工作,讓它成為生活經驗的一部分,興趣越來越高。

Older travelers often want to continue to learn and have an impact on the world, said Andrew Gordon, who founded the company Diversity Abroad 12 years ago. “They want their travel to have meaning,” he said. Gordon’s company connects and does advocacy work for nontraditional students who want to study overseas.

Road Scholar, which organized the Sullivans’ program, began as an organization offering not-for-credit classes on university campuses for adults age 60 and over. Now it offers what it calls educational travel adventures worldwide. Travelers may focus on a particular ecosystem they are visiting, attend class on a college campus or, in a twist on the Semester at Sea concept, spend 115 days on an ocean liner circling the globe with experts delving into destinations’ histories and cultures. All adults are welcomed, but the audience typically skews older and the average age of a “road scholar” is 70.

12年前創立「海外多元文化」公司的安德魯.戈登說,年長旅行者往往希望能繼續學習,並對世界產生影響。 他說:「他們希望他們的旅行能有意義。」戈登的公司專替那些想到外國學習的非傳統學生負責中間的連繫與宣傳工作。


The organization is a nonprofit and offers family caregiver grants and other scholarships.

JoAnn Bell, the senior vice president of program development at Road Scholar, said that adults studying abroad, like their college-age counterparts, value the time in a foreign country’s culture as much or more than academic instruction.

“We had seen a decline in enrollment for programs heavily weighted to classroom time,” Bell said. “People want to get out and experience the country for themselves.” Stopping for a croissant and chatting with the neighborhood cafe owner every morning on the way to class was just as important as the class, she said.




Musicians Aging in Concert 米蘭音樂家安養院 晚年仍有知音相伴
文/Sally McGrane

There was a buzz as some two dozen concertgoers in silk scarves and sparkling jewels arrived with the help of wheelchairs, walkers and canes, and took their seats in the ornate, hardwood-floor concert hall of Milan’s Rest Home for Musicians, known as Casa Verdi, which is run by the Giuseppe Verdi Foundation.

A hush fell, as two musicians in evening dress took up their positions behind two golden harps. The room filled with shimmering music by Debussy. The audience was rapt.



位於義大利米蘭的「威爾第之家」,是專門讓年長音樂家入住的安養院。 美聯社

位於義大利米蘭的「威爾第之家」,是專門讓年長音樂家入住的安養院。 美聯社

“Bravo,” murmured Luisa Mandelli, a soprano who sang with Maria Callas at La Scala in Milan. Then she cocked her head in dismay: Two seats away, a nattily-dressed tenor in a black suit and tie had begun snoring gently. “He’s 98,” whispered Mandelli, who is 95. She leaned over and slapped her former colleague’s knee.

Mandelli is one of 60 older musicians living in Casa Verdi, a sumptuous neo-Gothic mansion built in central Milan by Verdi. Completed in 1899, the building was created as a sanctuary for musicians who found themselves poverty-stricken in old age, “Old singers not favored by fortune, or who, when they were young, did not possess the virtue of saving,” as Verdi wrote in a letter at the time.



Nowadays, pensions and social security have reduced the economic necessity of a refuge like this, said Roberto Ruozi, president of the Giuseppe Verdi Foundation, which uses investments made with the royalties from the composer’s operas to fund the rest home. Residents pay on a sliding scale, according to their means.

Nonetheless, Casa Verdi is inundated each year with applications from composers, conductors, singers, orchestral players, music teachers and anyone else who has “exercised the art of music as a profession,” as the foundation’s website puts it. Once applicants establish their professional bona fides, Casa Verdi’s board makes choices based on who they think will be a good fit.



The successful applicants get to spend their last years in a place where, in addition to room, board and medical treatment, they have access to concerts, music rooms, 15 pianos, a large organ, harps, drum sets and the company of their peers.

“Now, the majority of our clients are not in very bad economic condition, but wish to continue to play, and be involved with, music,” Ruozi said. Casa Verdi’s talented clientele have the same needs as other old people, with some exceptions, he added: “First, they need music. Second, they want to be treated not as common guests, but as special guests — as a star.” Ruozi sighed. “We have 60 old musicians and 60 stars.”





casa是義大利文,意為house,即指「房屋」,因此文中的Casa Verdi就譯為「威爾第之家」,這個字如今也當作英語來使用。

觀賞音樂會時,我們常聽到觀眾喊「bravo」,這也是義大利語,意為well done(太棒了),表達喝采之意。因為許多歌劇都是用義大利語寫的,文中提到的威爾第正是寫出「茶花女」、「阿依達」的義大利知名作曲家,所以觀眾用bravo喝采也就成為流行。

soprano(女高音)和tenor(男高音)字源皆是拉丁語。soprano源自supra,意為above/high(在...之上/高)之意,ano是名詞字尾,合起來就是「能唱高音的人」。tenor源自tenere,意為to hold(維持),引申為「能唱特定音域的人」。

bona fides本身就是拉丁語,意為good faith(善意),形容詞為bona fide(真正的、善意的)。這個字在法律方面,例如簽訂合約時,表示當事人會誠實地對待彼此的一種信念。在本文,這個字意指,年長的音樂家為了申請進入養老院,要真誠表達出身為音樂家的專業形象,也就是提出「資歷證明」。

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