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2018/11/12第298期 |  訂閱/退訂  |  看歷史報份  |  LiveABC 官網
本周強推: 東京的秋日楓情
延伸學習: 與我無關;我不在乎
英文充電站: 每日一句
活動快遞: HIW+親子天下
Autumn in Tokyo
—Helen Yeh
Many visit Tokyo in spring to catch the cherry blossoms. Few realize that Japan’s capital shines just as brightly in November, when autumn colors blanket the city and the air turns cool and crisp. There are also several festivals in Tokyo this month to welcome the changing of the seasons.
November signals the arrival of autumn foliage, and the best place to view it is at Rikugi-en. Take a walk along the garden’s path and enjoy the golden yellow, warm orange, and fiery red maple leaves. Mount Takao, located just outside the city, also offers beautiful sights. An easy walk or cable-car ride up the mountain brings you to lovely views of Tokyo and its autumn leaves.
Besides Tokyo’s fall colors, the Shichi-Go-San also charms. Held on November 15, this festival celebrates children who have reached the ages of three, five, and seven. They dress up in kimonos and suits and go with their families to give thanks and pray for long and healthy lives at shrines. They also receive gifts from their parents and take pictures together—there’s no cuter sight!
《 詳細內文請翻閱NO.210 11月號Live互動英語雜誌 》
It's no skin off my nose.
be no skin off sb's nose字面意思指「某人鼻子上不會掉層皮」,引申指「這件事情不是某人的問題、與某人無關;某人並不在乎」,亦可用be no skin off sb’s back表示。
A:Thank you for offering your house to stay at, but we're going to rent a hotel room.
B:If that's what you want, it's no skin off my nose.

2018/11/12 (一) An easy walk or cable-car ride up the mountain brings you to lovely views of Tokyo and its autumn leaves.

2018/11/13 (二) Seasonal sights, cultural events, tasty eats -- there's a lot that Tokyo offers in the fall.

2018/11/14 (三)

Everyone has a responsibility to keep the environment clean.

2018/11/15 (四)

Bikes gave workers the freedom to choose new jobs, as they no longer needed to work so close to home. 腳踏車給了工人選擇新工作的自由,因為他們再也不需要在離家非常近的地方工作了。

2018/11/16 (五)

Today, bikes are recognized for being beneficial both to the environment and to individuals.
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