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2020/03/30第339期 |  訂閱/退訂  |  看歷史報份  |  LiveABC 官網
本周強推: 四成螞蟻都在裝忙?
延伸學習: 最出色的;(諷刺)差到極點
英文充電站: 每日一句
活動快遞: 2020 線上國際書展
Worker Ants, Army Ants—and Lazy Ants? —Jay Sailors

Most people think of ants as diligent workers, constantly collecting food and building nests. Researchers have made a huge discovery about these tiny creatures: an average of 40 percent of ants in a colony are lazy layabouts.
“They really just sit there,” says Daniel Charbonneau, a researcher from the University of Arizona. Charbonneau and his team made this discovery by painting the ants, putting four tiny dots of colored paint on each one in order to identify it. Then, using video recordings, they tracked the ants’ movements over time.
But why were so many ants idle? Charbonneau found out by removing 20 percent of the most active workers from their colony. Within a week, the inactive workers replaced the ones that were lost. Charbonneau believes that it’s the youngest ants that remain inactive in the nest, since they are the most vulnerable. When the colony loses workers, these young ants replace them.
Charbonneau’s work shows that even in studying the simplest creatures, there’s always more to learn. Ants may sometimes be lazy, but science never sleeps.



《 詳細內文請翻閱NO.227 3月號Live互動英語雜誌 》

take the cake

此說法源自十九世紀的一種舞蹈比賽稱為cakewalk,優勝者會得到一個蛋糕作為獎品,故take the cake用來指「拔得頭籌;最出色的」,但現今常用來諷刺「差到極點、比能想到還要糟」的意思。

A: I can’t believe they delayed our flight again. That’s the second time today!

B: I know. And they’re not even giving us a reason. I’ve flown on some bad airlines before, but this one takes the cake.

你也可以這樣說:be the worst

2020/3/30 (一)

Hi there! Are you looking for anything in particular?

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Swedish actress Alicia Vikander has become one of Hollywood's brightest stars.

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To get the true flavor of a country while traveling, it's essential to explore beyond the big cities.

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The city celebrates the country's rich history of cheese production and the culture that grew around it.


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