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2015/01/06 第196期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

World's Best Chefs 世界頂尖主廚
by Marcus Maurice

National Geographic Channel searched high and low to find the best chefs in the world. 國家地理頻道四處搜尋全世界最棒的廚師。

  The French have a great saying, joie de vivre, which means cheerfully enjoying life. One of the main ways people enjoy life is eating at high-class restaurants. This month, National Geographic Channel (NGC) takes viewers to France in the World's Best Chefs to meet Michel Bras, and experience joie de vivre firsthand.
  Over the past 20 years, Bras has revolutionized contemporary cuisine from the tiny French town of Laguiole. Many people make the trek to the town to eat his food and then copy his style, but Bras does not care because he is always looking for new ways to make the dining experience special. One of these ways is plating . For a layperson , Bras' style probably looks quite straightforward. Despite its simplicity , though, in it lies the secret of presenting tasty foods in an appealing way.
  World's Best Chefs also visits Spanish master chef Andoni Aduriz, who is known for creating unbelievable dishes that unsettle the senses and generate new sensations. Aduriz is also known as a daring and passionate chef who prefers using humble ingredients to guide his customers through a surprising journey of textures and aromas . Aduriz takes NGC into his kitchen where he shares many of his culinary philosophies like having a deep passion for produce , saying that less is more, needing to have a sense of playfulness and humor while cooking, and believing in precision while preparing food. This month on the World's Best Chefs, get to know some of the greatest people that have ever stood behind an oven and learn some secrets to take to your own kitchen.

  1. search high and low  到處尋找
    同: look up and down
    We will search high and low to find a better speaker for the graduation ceremony.
  2. firsthand adv. 直接地,第一手地
    反: secondhand adv. 間接地
    I heard the news firsthand from Rebecca that she is quitting.
    Most university students buy their textbooks secondhand at used book stores.
  3. revolutionize vt. 徹底改革
    衍: revolution n. 革命
    Cell phones and the Internet have revolutionized our lives.
    The political revolution will definitely go down in history.
    *go down in history  名垂青史
  4. contemporary a. 當代的
    同: current a.
    The moral decline in contemporary society is our main concern.
  5. appealing a. 吸引人的,動人的
    同: attractive a.
    Some women find heart-shaped diamonds appealing.
  6. sensation n. 感覺;引起轟動的人或事
    衍: cause a sensation  引起轟動
    Twins are said to have the ability to feel one another's emotions and physical sensations.
    The new singer caused a sensation when she released her first album.
  7. humble a. 不起眼的
    衍: a humble origin  卑微的出身
    The family lived in a humble cottage.
    Kevin tried to hide his humble origins from his rich friends.
  8. philosophy n. 哲學
    衍: philosopher n. 哲學家
    What I just said reflected my life philosophy.
    Confucius was the greatest philosopher in China.
  9. precision n. 準確
    衍: with precision  精準地,精確地
    We cannot guarantee the precision of these statistics.
    The robot is able to carry out the task with precision.

cheerfully adv. 歡樂地,愉快地
high-class a. 高級的,一流的
cuisine n. 菜餚,料理
trek n. 長途跋涉
plate vi. 裝盤
layperson n. 外行人,門外漢
simplicity n. 簡單,簡易
present vt. 呈現
unsettle vt. 使混亂
sense n. 感官
generate vt. 產生
daring a. 大膽的,勇於冒險的
passionate a. 熱情的
ingredient n.(烹調的)材料,原料
texture n. 口感;結構
aroma n. 香氣,芳香
culinary a. 烹飪的
produce n. 農產品(集合名詞,不可數)
playfulness n. 玩笑,嬉鬧

  1. be known as + 身份  以……(身份)而著稱
    同: be renowned as + 身份

  法國人有一句很棒的俗語叫 joie de vivre,意思就是『開心地享受生活』。而人們享受生活的主要方式之一就是在高級餐廳用餐。本月國家地理頻道《世界頂尖主廚》節目要帶著觀眾去造訪米修•布拉斯,親身體驗什麼叫做開心地享受生活。


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