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2018/04/17 第360期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

The Beatles' Iconic Abbey Road Cover  走過披頭四的光輝歲月
by Evan Witkowski

How an album cover became a cultural phenomenon.


  The last album recorded by the legendary British group known as The Beatles is entitled Abbey Road, after the address of the EMI studio in London where the band was working at the time. Although the album cover is among the most imitated and recognizable photos in rock-and-roll history, the photo shoot itself only lasted 10 minutes. From atop a ladder, photographer Iain Macmillan captured history in the making as the four members of the band crossed the street outside the studio while a police officer held traffic.
  Six days before the album was released in 1969, John Lennon announced his departure from the band. Abbey Road went on to become the first album by The Beatles to sell over 10 million copies, and it remains one of their best-selling albums of all time. Because the band was so famous, their use of the crosswalk on Abbey Road made it a popular destination for tourists in London and fans of The Beatles' music.
  One interesting piece of Beatles mythology uses the album cover to perpetuate an urban legend that surrounded the band during the 1960s. Some diehard fans were convinced that there were clues left in the music and album art that hinted at the death of Paul McCartney, who wrote some of The Beatles' most famous tunes. The appearance and order of the band mates crossing the road is said to be a reference to McCartney's funeral procession. From the right, Lennon appears in white as the preacher, drummer Ringo Starr is the undertaker, McCartney is the corpse with no shoes on, and lastly George Harrison is the gravedigger wearing denim. Of course, these details were meaningless parts of a contrived story, but the mystique of The Beatles and their most beloved album endures.

1. How long was the photo shoot for Abbey Road?
(A) A few hours.
(B) Ten minutes.
(C) Six days.
(D) Four minutes.

2. Which member announced that they were leaving the band before Abbey Road was released?
(A) John Lennon.
(B) Ringo Starr.
(C) George Harrison.
(D) Paul McCartney.

3. What is NOT true about the album Abbey Road?
(A) It was the last album The Beatles recorded together.
(B) It sold more than 10 million copies.
(C) It is named after the location of the studio where it was recorded.
(D) It was released in 1960.

4. What did some fans of The Beatles think that the album cover was a symbol for?
(A) The funeral of Paul McCartney.
(B) The legend of the missing shoes.
(C) A sign that the band was breaking up.
(D) A fashion shoot for a new denim clothing brand.


phenomenon n. 現象(單數形)
: phenomena n. 現象(複數形)
atop prep. 在……上面
copy n. 一份(書報雜誌等)
mythology n. 神話(集合名詞,不可數)
: myth n. 傳說;神話
perpetuate vt. 使永久存在;使不朽
urban a. 城市的
diehard a. 死忠的
art n. 專輯封面
hint vi. & vt. & n. 暗示
tune n. 歌曲,旋律
mate n. 團員;同伴
procession n. 隊伍
undertaker n. 葬儀人員
corpse n. 屍體
gravedigger n. 挖墓者
denim n. 丹寧布
contrive vt. 虛構;設計(本文為過去分詞作形容詞用)
mystique n. 神祕;奧祕

1. be known as + 身分  以某身分聞名/為人所知
: be known for...  因……而聞名
Amy is known as a very talented actress.
Bill is known for his punctuality. He is never late for his appointments.
*punctuality n. 準時,守時

2. in the making  發展中,形成中
I believe that Hank is a great writer in the making.

3. go on to V  繼續/接著做……
After eating two bowls of fried rice, Jack went on to eat dessert.

4. be named after...  以……的名字命名
We visited a museum named after a famous actor.

5. break up  解散;分解;分手
: break up with sb  和某人分手
In truth, our relationship is going nowhere, so we should break up.
Dylan couldn't figure out why his girlfriend wanted to break up with him.

1. iconic a. 具代表性的,象徵性的
On April 8, 1983, iconic American magician David Copperfield unveiled a stunning piece of magic.
1983 年四月八日,著名美國魔術師大衛•考柏菲揭露了一個舉世震驚的魔術。
*unveil vt. 揭露,使公諸於世

2. legendary a. 傳奇的;著名的
: legend n. 傳說,傳奇
This film is about a legendary pianist who grew up on the ship.
The legend came into existence shortly after the war.
*come into existence  產生;開始存在

3. entitle vt. 給予名稱;使有資格
: be entitled to sth  有資格獲得某物
Everyone is entitled to certain rights regardless of how much money they have.

4. imitate vt. 模仿;仿效
According to the psychologist, children imitate their friends more often than their parents.

5. recognizable a. 可辨認的,認得出的
: recognize vt. 認定;認出
Taipei 101 is an easily recognizable landmark in Taipei.
臺北 101 大樓是臺北市很容易辨認的地標。
*landmark n. 地標
The personalized license plate made it easy to recognize Mike's car.
*personalized a. 為個人特製的

6. capture vt. 捕捉(畫面等);捕獲
The police officer on duty last night captured the fugitive.
*fugitive n. 逃犯,逃亡者

7. departure n. 離開;啟程
: depart vi. 出發,離開
depart for + 地方  前往某地
Her date's sudden departure left Monica at a loss.
David departed for New York to visit his uncle last Sunday.

8. convinced a. 確信的
: be convinced + (that) 子句  確信……
I am convinced that Jim can finish the project on schedule.

9. reference n. 參考;提及
: with reference to...  關於……
With reference to Andy's attitude, there is a lot to be desired.

10. meaningless a. 無意義的
: meaningful a. 有意義的
Jessica found this essay utterly meaningless.
*utterly adv. 完全地
We had a meaningful and constructive meeting this afternoon.
*constructive a. 有建設性的

11. endure vi. 持久;保存 & vt. 忍耐
Somehow the language endures and continues to survive.
Nick's immune system has been weakened by the stress he endures at work.


The last album recorded by the legendary British group known as The Beatles is entitled Abbey Road...
record vt. 記錄 & n. 紀錄
: hold a record  保持紀錄
set a record  創紀錄
In January of 1999, the town recorded a temperature of minus 47 degrees Celsius.
1999 年的一月,鎮上出現過攝氏零下四十七度的低溫。
John has a poor record of attendance at school.
The singer holds a record for having all of his album releases at number one.
那名歌手保持每張專輯一發行就登上排行榜冠軍的紀 錄。
The athlete set a new world record for the high jump.



    名為披頭四的傳奇英國團體所錄製的最後一張專輯名叫《艾比路》,以該樂團當時的工作地點 ── 倫敦 EMI(電子與音樂工業公司)錄音室的地址命名。雖然該專輯封面是搖滾樂史上最被爭相仿效且最具辨識度的照片之一,那場拍攝卻只花了十分鐘。攝影師伊恩•麥克米蘭從梯子上捕捉正在發生的歷史,當時樂團的四位成員在一位警察封鎖交通的情況下跨越錄音室外的馬路。
  在那張專輯於 1969 年發行的六天前,約翰•藍儂宣布退出樂團。《艾比路》接著成為披頭四第一張銷售量突破一千萬的專輯,而且仍然是他們有史以來最暢銷的專輯。因為該樂團的名氣相當響亮,他們使用艾比路上的斑馬線使該地成為倫敦遊客和披頭四樂迷前去朝聖的熱門景點。
  一則關於披頭四的有趣傳聞使用該專輯封面來延續在 1960 年代有關該樂團的都市傳說。某些死忠樂迷都深信其樂曲與該專輯封面中留有暗示保羅•麥卡尼之死的線索,他寫下某些披頭四最為人所知的歌曲。據說該樂團團員穿越馬路的樣子與順序影射麥卡尼的喪禮行列。從右邊開始,藍儂身穿白色服裝擔任牧師、鼓手林哥•史達則擔任葬儀社人員、麥卡尼是沒有穿鞋的死屍,而最後是身穿丹寧布料的挖墓者喬治•哈里森。想當然耳,這些細節只是一則虛構故事無意義的部分,但披頭四的奧祕與他們最受喜愛的專輯將永垂不朽。


1. 《艾比路》的照片拍攝時間有多長?
(A) 幾個小時。
(B) 十分鐘。
(C) 六天。
(D) 四分鐘。
題解:根據本文第一段,雖然該專輯封面是搖滾樂史上最被爭相仿效且最具辨識度的照片之一,那場拍攝卻只花了十分鐘,故 (B) 項應為正選。

2. 哪一位團員在《艾比路》發行之前宣布退出樂團?
(A) 約翰•藍儂。
(B) 林哥•史達。
(C) 喬治•哈里森。
(D) 保羅•麥卡尼。
題解:根據本文第二段,在那張專輯於 1969 年發行的六天前,約翰•藍儂宣布退出樂團,故 (A) 項應

3. 下列哪一項關於《艾比路》的敘述為非?
(A) 它是披頭四一同錄製的最後一張專輯。
(B) 它的銷售量突破一千萬。
(C) 它是以錄製該專輯的錄音室地址命名。
(D) 它於 1960 年發行。
題解:根據本文第二段,那張專輯於 1969 年發行,與 (D) 項敘述不符,故為正選。

4. 披頭四樂迷認為該專輯封面是什麼的象徵?
(A) 保羅•麥卡尼的喪禮。
(B) 消失的鞋子傳奇。
(C) 這個樂團即將解散的徵兆。
(D) 一場新的丹寧服飾品牌的時裝拍攝。
題解:根據本文最後一段,某些死忠樂迷都深信其樂曲與專輯封面中留有暗示保羅•麥卡尼之死的線索,故 (A) 項應為正選。

答案: 1. B 2. A 3. D 4. A




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