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2019/07/16 第422期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

A Real-Life Hero  全美最強特務
by Bruce E. Bagnell


  Joaquin Garcia is hardly a household name. If you ask law enforcement officials in the United States, though, they all know and respect him. From 1980 to 2006, Garcia was an undercover agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the national police force in the United States.
  __1__ That’s because organized crime in the form of the Mafia has deep roots there. Since the 19th century, Italian mobsters have been involved in extortion, money laundering, drugs, and prostitution. Garcia gained their trust and rose almost to the top of the organization after four years. __2__ Today, these Italian mob families are all but history.
  Garcia was made for the job. __3__ He used his size to enter crime gangs as their “muscle,” meaning an enforcer for mob kings that uses fear and force to get what they want. He also posed as a drug trafficker and even a jewel thief to gain the trust of crime leaders. __4__ So what does Garcia do now?
  In 2015, the Guardians of Rescue, an animal protection outfit, announced they had hired Garcia to help them root out animal cruelty. __5__ Though the group cannot make arrests, the former FBI agent’s investigations can help the police bring animal abusers to justice. With Garcia on board, we can expect a lot of success from a really big real-life hero.
(A) Therefore, the Italian government took extreme measures to deal with the problem of drug trafficking.
(B) Garcia worked in crime-ridden Boston, Hollywood, Miami, and Atlantic City, but most of his work was in New York.
(C) From abused animals to illegal breeding to dog fighting, there is plenty of organized crime that involves defenseless animals.
(D) Standing at an astounding 193 centimeters and weighing over 170 kilograms, Garcia could frighten even professional wrestlers.
(E) In 2006 Garcia retired from the FBI and is now regarded as one of the most successful undercover agents in the history of the bureau.
(F) His efforts resulted in the arrest of more than 30 mobsters, including top members of the Gambino crime family, one of the most dangerous crime groups in the world.


real-life a. 真實(生活)的
federal a. 聯邦的
bureau n.(政府機構的)局/處
the Mafia  黑手黨
mobster n. 暴徒
extortion n. 勒索
money laundering  洗錢
 launder vt. 洗錢
prostitution n. 性產業
a drug trafficker  毒品販子
 trafficker n. 從事非法交易者

1. 第一題空格應選 (B)
a. 本空格在測試對段落主題句的掌握,空格後一句提到那是因為黑手黨的組織犯罪深入當地,可推測空格應提及地點。
b. 選項 (B) 表示,加西亞曾在犯罪猖獗的波士頓、好萊塢、邁阿密和大西洋城等地方執行任務,但他大多數的任務都是在紐約,符合推測,且後一句的 there 指的即是選項中的紐約,可知答案應選 (B)。
crime-ridden a. 充滿犯罪的

2. 第二題空格應選 (F)
a. 本空格在測試對段落語意連貫性的掌握,空格前一句提到加西亞在四年之後幾乎晉升到了該黑幫組織的高層,空格後一句提到時至今日,這些義大利黑幫家族已成為歷史,可推測空格應提及加西亞做了什麼來打擊黑幫。
b. 選項 (F) 表示,他的努力造就了三十多名黑幫成員被逮,包括世界上最危險的犯罪組織甘比諾黑幫家族的數名高級幹部,語意連貫,可知答案應選 (F)。
a. effort n. 努力
make every effort to V  某人盡一切努力(做)……
•The doctor made every effort to save the dying man.
b. result in...  導致/造成……
= lead to...
= give rise to...
•The earthquake resulted in great damage to the bridge.

3. 第三題空格應選 (D)
a. 本空格在測試對段落語意發展的掌握,空格前一句提到加西亞天生就是臥底探員這一行的料,空格後一句提到他利用自身的體型作為「肌肉」加入了黑幫,可推測空格應提及加西亞做為臥底探員的體型優勢。
b. 選項 (D) 表示,加西亞的身高是令人驚訝的一百九十三公分,體重達一百七十多公斤,即便是職業摔角選手都會被他震懾,語意連貫,且選項中提到加西亞的身高與體重,和空格後一句的 his size 互相呼應,可知答案應選 (D)。
a. astounding a. 令人震驚的
•It’s astounding that an ant can carry objects many times its own body weight.
b. weigh vi. 重達 & vt. 秤重
•This piece of luggage weighs more than 20 kilograms.
c. frighten vt. 使??害怕
be frightened to death  受到極度驚嚇
•I was frightened to death when watching the horror movie Annabelle.
d. wrestler n. 摔角選手

4. 第四題空格應選 (E)
a. 本空格在測試對段落語意發展的掌握,空格後一句提及那麼,加西亞現在在做什麼呢?可推測空格應提及加西亞因某種原因而不繼續從事臥底探員這份工作。
b. 選項 (E) 表示,2006 年,加西亞從 FBI 退休,目前被認為是該局最成功的臥底探員之一,語意連貫,可知答案應選 (E)。
a. retire from...  從……退休
•Jack retired from the military after 30 years of service.
b. be regarded as...  被視為……
•Terry’s work is regarded as a masterpiece by most art critics.

5. 第五題空格應選 (C)
a. 本空格在測試對段落語意發展的掌握,答題線索為空格前的 animal cruelty。
b. 選項 (C) 表示,從受虐的動物到非法飼育和鬥犬,有許多組織犯罪都涉及了沒有防禦能力的動物,語意連貫,且選項中的 abused animals、illegal breeding 和 dog fighting 即在說明前一句的 animal cruelty,可知答案應選 (C)。
a. abuse vt. & n. 虐待(本文為過去分詞作形容詞用)
abuser n. 施暴者,虐待者
•According to the report, some prisoners there are physically abused.
•Many social workers have voiced their concerns over child abuse.
b. breeding n. 養育,培育
c. defenseless a. 無防禦力的
•The defenseless city was destroyed in a day.

1. pose as sb  冒充/喬裝成某人
•Vanessa posed as a journalist to get close to my celebrity brother.

2. root out...  排除……
•A new manager was hired to root out inefficiency in this department.

3. on board  加入行列
on board 原表「在船/飛機上」,引申為「在同一條船上」,故衍生出「加入同一個行列」之意。
•Are you on board to help with starting the new company?

1. household a. 為人所熟知的;家庭的
a household name  家喻戶曉的人/事/物
•Michael Jordan is a household name.

2. enforcement n.(法律的)執行
•Children who crave adventure are attracted to professions like law enforcement.

3. official n.(政府)官員,公務員 & a. 官方的
•The official that was suspended for bribery is now under federal investigation.
•An official report on the murder investigation was issued by the police yesterday.

4. undercover a. 祕密(進行)的
•Our members were carrying out an undercover investigation.

5. agent n. 探員;經紀人
•It turns out that Jill was a special agent before she got married.

6. investigation n. 調查
•After months of investigation, there was finally a breakthrough in the case.

7. rescue n. 拯救 & vt. 救助
come to sb’s rescue  前來救助某人
•We came to John’s rescue upon learning that he was in trouble.
•The lifeguard jumped into the pool and rescued the drowning boy.

8. outfit n. 組織;全套裝備
•My brother got a job with a private security outfit.

9. cruelty n. 殘忍(的行為)
•The tyrant’s cruelty caused the people to turn against him.

bring sb to justice
justice n. 公平,正義
•The murderer was finally brought to justice.
以下介紹 justice 的相關搭配詞:
a. ask for justice  要求公正待遇
= seek / demand / request justice
•About 100 people protested in front of city hall to ask for justice.
b. escape justice  逃過法律制裁
•Thousands of notorious Nazis escaped justice.
c. justice has been done / served  正義得以伸張
•Mary will never stop until she feels justice has been done.
d. do sb justice  對某人做出公道的評價
= do justice to sb
•Kevin’s performance didn’t meet our expectations, but to do him justice, it was his first game since his injury.
e. a sense of justice  正義感
•A good judge should have a sense of justice.
f. a miscarriage of justice  誤判;司法不公
•Ian opposes the death penalty because of the possibility of a miscarriage of justice.
g. social justice warrior  正義魔人
•Several statues were torn down by a mob of social justice warriors.


  華金•加西亞不是個家喻戶曉的名字。不過,如果你詢問美國執法機關的人員,他們全都知道並且尊敬他。加西亞從 1980 年至 2006 年擔任美國維安機構聯邦調查局(FBI)的臥底探員。
  加西亞天生就是這一行的料。加西亞的身高是令人驚訝的一百九十三公分,體重達一百七十多公斤,即便是職業摔角選手都會被他震懾。他利用自身的體型作為「肌肉」(即黑幫老大的左右手,使用恐懼和力量得到他們想要的東西)加入了黑幫。他也假扮成毒品販子、甚至是珠寶大盜來獲取犯罪集團老大的信任。2006 年,加西亞從 FBI 退休,目前被認為是該局史上最成功的臥底探員之一。那麼,加西亞現在在做什麼呢?
  2015 年,動物保護組織救援守護者宣布他們聘請加西亞來幫助他們打擊虐待動物。從受虐的動物到非法飼育及鬥犬,有許多組織犯罪都涉及了沒有防禦能力的動物。雖然該組織無法逮捕罪犯,但這名前 FBI 探員的調查能幫助警察將虐待動物者繩之以法。有了加西亞的加入,我們可以期待這位現實生活中真正的大英雄能有更多的成功。
1. B 2. F 3. D 4. E 5. C

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