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2023/01/06 第416期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份
紐時周報精選 Art Museums Are Struggling to Weed Out the Vandals From the Visitors 如何從遊客中找出破壞者 博物館頭大
New Biden Plan for Migrant Restrictions Mirrors Trump Policies 拜登擬嚴管移民政策 類似川普
Art Museums Are Struggling to Weed Out the Vandals From the Visitors 如何從遊客中找出破壞者 博物館頭大
文/Alex Marshall

如何從遊客中找出破壞者 博物館頭大

For Hans-Peter Wipplinger, the director of Vienna’s Leopold Museum, the past few weeks have been challenging. As climate protesters across Europe stepped up their attacks against art, Wipplinger took measures to protect his storied collection, which includes famous paintings by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. Bags were banned; coats, too. The museum hired extra guards to patrol its five floors.


It didn’t work. Last week, members of a group called Last Generation walked into the museum and threw black liquid at one of Klimt’s major works, “Death and Life.” A protester had sneaked the liquid into the museum in a hot water bottle strapped to his chest, Wipplinger said.


The Klimt, protected by glass, was unharmed. But Wipplinger said his security team could only have stopped the attack by subjecting visitors to invasive body searches, “like at the airport.” He didn’t want to even consider that prospect, he added.


With the attacks showing no sign of abating, museum directors across Europe are settling into a nervous new equilibrium, fearful for the works in their care but unwilling to compromise on making visitors feel welcome. So far, nothing has been permanently damaged. But many fear that an accident or an escalation in the protesters’ tactics could result in a masterpiece being destroyed.


The actions, which began in Britain in June, are already increasing in frequency and daring. At first, protesters glued themselves to the frames of famous paintings, but since footage of activists splattering Vincent Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” with tomato soup spread rapidly on social media in October, masterpieces have been doused in pea soup, mashed potatoes and flour.


Those works were all protected by glass, and the protesters’ projectiles never touched an artist’s brushstroke. Yet, last month, protesters in Paris poured orange paint directly onto a silver Charles Ray sculpture outside the Bourse de Commerce contemporary art space. (A Bourse de Commerce spokesperson said the sculpture was cleaned within a few hours.)


In a statement last month signed by the leaders of more than 90 of the world’s largest art institutions, museum administrators said they were “deeply shaken” by the protesters’ “risky endangerment” of artworks.


Yet, few museums appear to have taken bold steps to protect their collections. Norway’s National Museum and the Barberini Museum in Potsdam, Germany, have banned visitors from taking bags or jackets into their exhibition halls. Others have made no changes.



New Biden Plan for Migrant Restrictions Mirrors Trump Policies 拜登擬嚴管移民政策 類似川普
文/Eileen Sullivan、Michael D.

拜登擬嚴管移民政策 類似川普

The Biden administration is considering substantial new limits on the number of migrants who could apply for asylum in the United States, according to people familiar with the proposal, which would expand restrictions similar to those first put in place along the border by former President Donald Trump.


The plan is one of several being debated by President Joe Biden’s top aides as the country confronts a high number of illegal crossings at the border. It would prohibit migrants who are fleeing persecution from seeking refuge in the United States unless they were first denied safe harbor by another country, like Mexico.


People familiar with the discussions said the new policy, if adopted, could go into effect as soon as this month, just as the government stops using a public health rule that was put in place at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic by the Trump administration and became a key policy to manage the spike in crossings during Biden’s tenure. A federal judge has ordered the administration to stop using the health rule on Dec. 21.


But the idea of broadly prohibiting migrants from seeking asylum strikes directly at the heart of decades of U.S. and international law that has shaped the United States’ role as a place of safety for displaced and fearful people across the globe.


And it builds on an approach embraced by Trump and Stephen Miller, the architect of the former president’s immigration agenda. Eager to keep migrants out of the United States, the Trump administration imposed what it called a transit ban and refused to consider asylum claims for migrants who had not sought refuge in other countries as they made their way to the U.S. border.


The similarities have enraged human rights advocates, who recall Biden’s full-throated condemnation of his predecessor’s immigration policies during the 2020 campaign.


People familiar with the internal debate disputed that the Biden administration would embrace a policy that is the same as Trump’s programs. They also said the approach was not final and had not been presented to Biden or Alejandro N. Mayorkas, the homeland security secretary, for a decision.


One person briefed on the discussions said a new policy, if adopted, would be rolled out alongside expanded opportunities for migrants to come to the United States legally.



策略共識營之前:關鍵定錨 掌握策略制定4流程
2019年,美國的Beyond 又到歲末年終,許多企業會在此時舉辦策略共識營或類似活動,訂定明年策略。顧名思義,共識營的存在,是為了求取策略共識,因此不少企業會將之設計得頗具儀式性,希望透過活動「儀式化」的氛圍促進目標達成。久而久之,對共識營的儀式性重視,可能遠大過於策略的有效性。

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