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2017/01/10 第297期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

Killing Reagan  刺殺雷根
by Evan Witkowski

How an assassination attempt on former President Ronald Reagan shaped his time in office.

  All eyes are on Washington, D.C. this month as the newly elected President of the United States moves into the White House. National Geographic Channel (NGC) is swept up in the political fever with the latest addition to their successful Killing franchise, which has so far featured the channel's three most watched programs of all time — Killing Lincoln, Killing Kennedy, and Killing Jesus. The latest movie, Killing Reagan, is based on the best-selling Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard book of the same name. The plot focuses on the events leading up to, and the aftermath of, the March 30, 1981, assassination attempt on former President Ronald Reagan who served two terms in the White House from 1981 to 1989.
  Killing Reagan stars Tim Matheson as President Reagan and Cynthia Nixon as the First Lady Nancy Reagan. The story provides insight into Reagan's rise to power and his presidency, while also shedding light on the psychological problems of the shooter John Hinckley Jr., played by actor Kyle S. More. Hinckley was infamously obsessed with the actress Jodie Foster and her role in the 1976 film Taxi Driver, where the main character plans to assassinate a presidential candidate. Hinckley believed that by shooting President Reagan, he could win Foster's admiration.
  The feature-length made-for-TV historical drama will be aired on NGC globally in 45 languages across 171 countries in early 2017. Killing Reagan premiered on NGC back in last October, but this year you can tune in and see how being shot and almost killed affected the former leader of the US during this time in history.

  1. assassination n. 暗殺
    衍: assassinate vt. 暗殺,行刺
    President Kennedy's assassination led to political unrest in the 1960s.
    甘迺迪總統的遇刺在 1960 年代引發了政治動亂。
    *unrest n. 動亂,動盪
    Security was tightened amid rumors that the president would be assassinated.
  2. attempt n. 企圖
    衍: in an attempt to V  試圖要……
    = in an effort to V
    Victor worked night and day in an attempt to finish the project on time.
  3. elect vt. 選舉;推選
    衍: elect sb (as) + 職位  選舉某人擔任某職位
    Sean is a born leader, so we elected him class president.
  4. feature vt. 以……為特色;主打
    The movie features a strong cast and thrilling action scenes.
    *cast n. 演員陣容,卡司
  5. aftermath n.(災難、戰爭等結束後的)餘殃,餘波
    衍: in the aftermath of...  在(災難)發生之後
    In the aftermath of the war, many people were left homeless.
  6. star vt. 由……主演 & vi. 主演
    The film stars Tom Cruise as a repairman.
    Jason has starred in over 30 movies.
  7. insight n. 深刻的見解,洞悉
    衍: give insight into...  使人洞察/深入了解……
    Amy Tan's novels never fail to give insight into the lives of Chinese Americans in the US.
    *never fail to V  總會……,一定會……
  8. psychological a. 心理的,精神的
    If you neglect a child, he or she may grow up with psychological problems.
    *neglect vt. 忽略,不理
  9. infamously adv. 聲名狼藉地
    衍: infamous a. 聲名狼藉的
    be infamous for...  因……而聲名狼藉
    Jesse James was infamous for robbing banks and trains.
  10. admiration n. 欣賞;讚美
    衍: admire vt. 欣賞
    Andy earned the admiration of everyone who knew him.
    I've always admired our professor for his talent as well as his character.
  11. premiere vi. & vt. & n. 初次上演;首映
    Many well-known classical musicians have played there, and the festival routinely premieres new operas.
    Jeremy's work had its premiere at the Paris Opera.

franchise n. 特輯;加盟
plot n. 情節
term n. 任期
衍: short-term a. 短期的
long-term a. 長期的
presidency n. 總統任期
feature-length a. 正片長度的

  1. be in office  (公職人員)在任職中
    衍: take office  (公職人員)就任,就職
    The country improved economically while that president was in office.
    The mayor officially took office two months after he was elected.
  2. all eyes are on...  ……受到注意/矚目
    All eyes were on the accused as she entered the court room.
  3. be swept up in...  捲入……;陷入……
    sweep vt. 席捲(三態為:sweep, swept, swept。)
    The city was swept up in the mood of exaltation after the mayor was elected.
    *exaltation n. 欣喜,得意洋洋
  4. be based on...  基於……
    The results are based on months and months of experiments.
  5. lead up to...  發生在……之前;漸漸導致……
    Lucy studied extra hard in the weeks leading up to her big exam.
  6. rise to power  掌權;得到權力
    衍: one's rise to power  某人掌權
    The evil leader's rise to power shocked the world, but there was nothing that could be done.
  7. shed light on...  闡明……
    The police finally managed to shed light on what actually happened that night.
  8. be obsessed with...  著迷於……
    obsessed a. 著迷的;迷戀的
    Dr. Johnson is obsessed with his crazy experiments.
  9. tune in  鎖定(頻道)
    衍: tune in to...  轉到……頻道
    We tuned in to BBC for the weather report.
    我們轉到 BBC 頻道收看氣象報告。

  新當選的美國總統在本月搬進白宮,因此所有的目光都聚集在華府。國家地理頻道(NGC)捲入一股政治狂熱,最新增加的是他們成功的《謀殺》特輯,目前以該頻道有史以來最受關注的三個節目為特點 ──《刺殺林肯》、《刺殺甘迺迪》以及《謀殺耶穌》。最新電影《刺殺雷根》是根據比爾•雷利和馬丁•杜加德所寫的同名暢銷書改編。該故事情節集中在 1981 年三月三十日企圖暗殺美國前總統隆納•雷根之前所發生的事件及其餘波,他在 1981 年到 1989 年間於白宮任職兩屆。
  《刺殺雷根》由蒂姆•馬特森飾演雷根總統並由辛西亞•尼克森飾演第一夫人南西•雷根。這則故事深入探討雷根的崛起與他的總統任期,同時也闡明槍手小約翰•欣克利(由演員凱爾 S. 摩爾所飾演)的心理問題。欣克利對於茱蒂•佛斯特和她在 1976 年的電影《計程車司機》中角色迷戀的程度可謂聲名狼藉,電影中的主角計劃要暗殺一位總統候選人。欣克利相信他可以透過射殺雷根總統來贏得佛斯特的欣賞。
  2017 年年初,這一部正片長度、為電視拍攝的歷史劇情片(被翻譯為四十五種語言)將由國家地理頻道在一百七十一個國家中播出。《刺殺雷根》在去年十月於國家地理頻道首映,但今年你可以收看以了解遭射擊並差點身亡的經歷如何在歷史的這段時期對美國前領導人造成影響。



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