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2018/05/15 第364期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

A Selfless Portrait for Your Profile  你在畫我嗎?臉書大頭照創作交換
by Daniel Howard

Would you let someone else draw your profile picture?


  What do you have for your Facebook profile photo? Most people use their favorite selfie with just the right light and angle to show them at their best. It is meant to depict the side of your personality that you want the world to see. That's what everyone does. Now, would you replace that photo with a drawing done by a stranger? Selfless Portraits thinks that you—or at least some people—want to do something different with their social media identity.
  Selfless Portraits is a start-up that connects Facebook users for a unique purpose: to draw each other's profile pictures. If you want to join in, you must first draw another person's portrait. You get 48 hours to finish the drawing, or the task is given to someone else. Once the image is finished, Selfless Portraits finds someone to draw your portrait, and so on. Most of the drawings are done by hand and then photographed with a smartphone, but some digital art appears on the platform as well. Users are encouraged to be creative with their drawings, so each person can bring a unique style to the profile portrait. Within the first two months, Selfless Portraits had more than 20,000 users from over 115 different countries. That includes everyone from average social media users to professional artists. But the whole point is that no one knows what kind of portrait they will receive and be forced to post as their profile picture.
  The creators—artist Ivan Cash and creative director Jeff Greenspan—came up with the idea to help people on Facebook establish more meaningful connections. They felt that while it was easy to reach out to others on social media, most of the time those connections were not very deep. As creative people, they started Selfless Portraits as a way for everyone to bond by drawing each other. So far, they have inspired both friendships and works of art. Would you try it?

1. According to the article, what do most people use for their Facebook profile photos?
(A) A family photo.
(B) A professional photograph.
(C) A favorite selfie.
(D) A drawing of themselves.

2. What's the first step of getting a Selfless Portrait as a Facebook profile photo?
(A) Draw another person's picture.
(B) Pay a sign-up fee12.
(C) Evaluate13 other people's Selfless Portraits.
(D) Provide proof of artistic training.

3. What is NOT true about Selfless Portraits' users?
(A) They submit14 art in a number of styles.
(B) They are all professional artists.
(C) There are about 20,000 users from over a hundred countries.
(D) They all draw a picture before theirs is drawn.

4. What do both founders of Selfless Portraits have in common?
(A) They feel that connections on Facebook are difficult to make.
(B) Neither one has used social media before.
(C) They worked for Facebook before.
(D) They are both creative thinkers.


selfie n. 自拍
angle n. 角度
start-up n. 新成立的公司
platform n. 平臺;月臺
director n. 負責人;主管
: art director  藝術總監;美術編輯

1. replace A with B  以 B 取代 A
replace vt. 取代
Mother replaced the painting on the wall with a photo.

2. be encouraged to V  被鼓勵(做)……
encourage vt. 鼓舞;鼓勵
: be discouraged from V-ing  被勸阻(做)……
Because of her great grades, Jenny was encouraged to apply to NTU.
People are discouraged from smoking by the warning labels on cigarette packaging.
*cigarette n. 香菸

3. be forced to V  被迫從事……
I don't like to be forced to do anything against my will.

4. come up with...  想出……(方法、點子等)
I've come up with a plan that will save you hundreds of dollars a day.

5. reach out to sb  與某人接觸;對某人提供協助
Our online learning platform helps us reach out to new students.
Social workers are trying to reach out to victims of domestic violence.
*domestic a. 家庭的;國內的

6. have... in common  有……相同之處
: have nothing in common  沒有相同之處
Paul and Emily have the love of photography in common.
*photography n. 攝影
The two sisters have nothing in common.

1. portrait n. 肖像,畫像

2. profile n. 人物簡介

3. depict vt. 描述,形容
: depict A as B  將 A 描述成 B
= describe A as B
The author depicts his wife as a cold-blooded woman in his autobiography.
*autobiography n. 自傳

4. identity n. 身分
: identify vt. 辨別;認出
The identity of the killer is still unknown at this point.
The witness identified the thief right away.

5. photograph vt. 為……拍照 & n. 照片(= photo)
: take a photograph of...  拍……的照片
The paparazzi photographed the star while she was coming out of the plastic surgeon's office.
*paparazzi n. 狗仔隊(複數形)
paparazzo n. 狗仔隊(單數形)
Clara loves to take photographs of old buildings.

6. digital a. 數位的
: a digital camera  數位相機

7. professional a. 專業的,職業的 & n. 專家,職業選手
Though Mr. Bagnell was once a professional TV comedian, he is now a politician in California.
*comedian n. 諧星
I'm a professional. It won't take me long to fix your computer.

8. establish vt. 建立,設立
The two neighboring countries agreed to establish economic relations.
*neighboring a. 鄰近的

9. bond vi. 結合
: bond with...  與……黏在一起
It is important for parents to bond with their children shortly after birth.

10. inspire vt. 激勵;啟發
: inspire sb to V  鼓舞/激勵某人(做)??
inspiration n. 鼓舞;靈感
My teacher inspired me to follow my dreams and become a pilot.
I couldn't write anything because I was out of inspiration.

11. a work of art  一件藝術品

12. fee n.(手續、服務、學校等的)費用
: a doctor's fee  醫師診療費
an entrance fee  入場費
school fees  學費
注意fee 是指用來付給專業人員辦事的手續費、醫師的診療費、律師的辯護費,或其他的報名費、入場費等。fare 則用來指搭乘交通工具的費用,如:bus fare(公車費)、taxi fare(計程車費)。

13. evaluate vt. 評價;評審
At the end of the semester, we'll have an exam to evaluate your progress.

14. submit vt. 提交,呈遞
: submit A to B  將 A 呈交給 B
Please submit your application to the registration office by the 25th of May.
*application n. 申請書


It is meant to depict the side of your personality that you want the world to see.
be meant to V  旨在……
: be intended to V
: be meant for each other  彼此是天生一對,天作之合
mean to V  有意要……(主詞需為人)
This series of books is meant to acquaint children with the beauty of nature.
*acquaint sb with sth  使某人熟悉某事
Pete and Laura are meant for each other. They have the same interests, and both of them are dog people.
I didn't mean to make you angry.




  你在臉書上放的大頭照是哪張照片?大多數人會用他們最喜歡的自拍照,以恰恰好的光線和角度來展現最好的自己。這個做法的本意是要展現你想讓全世界看見的個人性格。那是每個人都在做的事。現在,你會用一個陌生人所做的畫來取代你的那張照片嗎?「無私肖像」認為你 ── 或至少有些人 ── 會想用自己的社群媒體身分做點不一樣的事情。
  創始人 ── 藝術家伊凡.凱希及創意總監杰夫.格林斯潘 ── 提出了這個想法,幫助臉書上的人們建立更有意義的連結。他們覺得雖然在社群媒體上很容易與別人接觸,但大多數時候那些關係並不深刻。身為有創意的人,他們開始了「無私肖像」來作為大家藉由互畫彼此以連結在一塊的一種方式。到目前為止,他們啟迪了友誼也激發了藝術作品。你願意試試看嗎?


1. 根據本文,大多數人在臉書上的大頭照是使用什麼樣的照片?
(A) 家庭合照。
(B) 專業照片。
(C) 最喜歡的自拍。
(D) 他們自己的繪圖。
題解:根據本文第一段,你在臉書上放的大頭照是哪張照片?大多數人會用他們最喜歡的自拍照,以恰恰好的光線和角度來展現最好的自己,故 (C) 項應為正選。

2. 獲得無私肖像來作為臉書大頭照的第一步是什麼?
(A) 畫一張別人的照片。
(B) 支付註冊費。
(C) 評價別人的無私肖像。
(D) 提供藝術培訓證明。
題解:根據本文第二段,「無私肖像」是一個為獨特目的而連接臉書用戶的新創公司:繪製彼此的大頭照。如果你想加入,就必須先畫另一個人的肖像,故 (A) 項應為正選。

3. 關於「無私肖像」的使用者,哪一項不正確?
(A) 他們以多種風格提交藝術作品。
(B) 他們全都是專業的藝術家。
(C) 有來自一百多國的約兩萬名用戶。
(D) 他們在自己被畫之前都要先畫別人。
題解:根據本文第二段,在前兩個月內,「無私肖像」擁有了來自超過一百一十五個不同國家的兩萬多名用戶。其中包括一般社群媒體用戶,也有專業藝術家,與 (B) 項敘述不符,故為正選。

4. 「無私肖像」的創始人有什麼共同之處?
(A) 他們覺得很難做到臉書上的連結。
(B) 他們以前都沒有使用過社群媒體。
(C) 他們以前在臉書工作過。
(D) 他們都是創意思維者。
題解:根據本文最後一段,身為有創意的人,他們(創始人 ── 藝術家伊凡.凱希及創意總監杰夫.格林斯潘)開始了「無私肖像」來作為大家藉由互畫彼此以連結在一塊的一種方式,故 (D) 項應為正選。
答案: 1. C 2. A 3. B 4. D




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