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2018/09/04 第380期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

America the Beautiful: The Mighty Mississippi  美國:美麗之境 ── 密西西比河
by Evan Witkowski

Find out more about the rivers that divide the central United States.


  Where borders are placed on a map is affected by a variety of things. Natural borders like mountains, lakes, oceans, or rivers are commonly used to make geographical lines that separate nations, states, or other territories. One of the most prominent natural borders in the US is the Mississippi River, which runs south across the country for 3,734 km from the northern state of Minnesota to the Mississippi River Delta in the Gulf of Mexico. This month, National Geographic gives you a bird’s eye view of the animals and natural forces that make up America the Beautiful: The Mighty Mississippi.
  The Missouri and Ohio Rivers combine with the Mississippi to form a wildlife habitat for many species. As the seasons change, the conditions of the rivers also adapt. Melting snow from the north and heavy precipitation in the spring are a sign of things to come. Summer typically brings floods that cause the river to overflow its banks, leading to dangerously fast currents and property damage for people who live on the floodplain.
  By wintertime, parts of the Mississippi River are covered with a layer of ice. Snow geese migrate south by the thousands, flying overhead along the Mississippi in search of warmer climates. Meanwhile, river otters catch their food through holes in the ice that covers the stream below. When spring returns, so do the alligator snapping turtles. They come out of hibernation to lay their eggs in the riverbed and start a new cycle of life on the Mississippi. Tune in to National Geographic for more fascinating information about America the Beautiful: The Mighty Mississippi and all the creatures that contribute to this amazing river ecosystem.


precipitation n. 降雨(雪)量
bank n. 河岸
current n. 水流
floodplain n. 沖積平原
a snow goose  雪雁
 goose n. 野雁;鵝(單數形)
: geese n. 野雁;鵝(複數形)
a river otter  北美水獺
 otter n. 水獺
an alligator snapping turtle  大鱷龜
 alligator n. 短吻鱷
hibernation n. 冬眠
: hibernate vi. 冬眠
ecosystem n. 生態系統

1. mighty a. 強大的,強力的
The mighty lion roared from the hilltop.

2. border n. 國界;邊緣 & vt. 與……接壤
: border + 國家 + on...  與某國以……為界
My aunt and uncle live on the border of Germany and France.
China borders North Korea on the Yalu River.

3. geographical a. 地理的
Scientists have spent many years researching the cause of geographical changes in this area.

4. territory n. 領土,屬地
Those countries are fighting over a small piece of territory.

5. prominent a. 突出的;著名的
A prominent designer is coming to our school, and everyone is excited.

6. a bird’s eye view  鳥瞰,俯視

7. habitat n. 棲息地
This wildlife sanctuary is trying to expand the habitat of wild tigers.
*sanctuary n. 保育區

8. adapt vi. & vt.(使)適應
: adapt (oneself) to N/V-ing  (使自己)適應……
Jim easily adapts (himself) to all new environments.

9. typically adv. 通常;典型地
: typical a. 典型的,特有的
be typical of...  是……的典型
In fairy tales, witches are typically portrayed as evil women.
This novel is typical of the author’s writing style.

10. property n. 財產(尤指地產);特性(常用複數)
It is illegal to trespass on private property.
*trespass on / upon...  擅自闖入……
We compared the physical properties of the two substances.

11. migrate vi. 遷移,移居
Most hummingbirds in North America migrate to Mexico for the winter.

12. overhead adv. 在高空中;在頭頂上 & a. 頭頂上的
Teddy saw a flock of birds flying overhead on its way south for the winter.
Nancy put her bags in the overhead compartment after she found her seat.
*an overhead compartment  頭頂置物櫃
compartment n. 隔間

13. lay vt. 下(蛋),產(卵)(三態為:lay, laid, laid。)
This year, Paul’s hens have laid more eggs than ever, bringing in a huge profit.

1. a variety of...  各式各樣的……
There was a variety of food at the cafeteria.

2. make up...  構成/占了……
Experts made up 80% of the conference.
參加這場會議的人有 80% 是專家。

3. a layer of...  一層……
During autumn in cold places, a layer of dry leaves often covers the ground.

4. in search of...  尋找……
George moved to Taipei in search of better career opportunities.

5. contribute to...  導致……
: result in...
Obviously, it was your carelessness that contributed to the problem.

美國:美麗之境 ── 密西西比河

  地圖上邊界的位置會受到各種因素影響。像是山脈、湖泊、海洋或河流等自然邊界經常被用來當作劃分國家、州或其他領土的地理界線。美國最突出的自然邊界之一就是往南流向全國各地的密西西比河,全長三千七百三十四公里,從北方的明尼蘇達州到墨西哥灣的密西西比河三角洲。本月,國家地理將帶你鳥瞰構成《美國:美麗之境 ── 密西西比河》的動物與大自然力量。
  到了冬季,密西西比河的部分地區就被冰層覆蓋。成千上萬隻雪雁紛紛向南遷徙,在密西西比河的上空飛行,尋找更溫暖的氣候。同時,北美水獺從結冰河面上的洞捕捉溪流裡的食物。當春天返回之際,大鱷龜也會歸來。牠們會從冬眠中甦醒並在河床上產卵,在密西西比河上展開一段全新的生命週期。敬請收看國家地理以了解更多關於《美國:美麗之境 ── 密西西比河》的有趣資訊以及所有促成該神奇河流生態系統的生物。









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