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2018/08/24 第228期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份
紐時周報精選 Listen Carefully, Book Lovers: Top Authors Are Skipping Print 愛書人注意! 暢銷作家跳過紙本書
Sometimes Patients Simply Need Other Patients 有時,病人需要的只是同病相憐
Listen Carefully, Book Lovers: Top Authors Are Skipping Print 愛書人注意! 暢銷作家跳過紙本書
文/Alexandra Alter

When Michael Lewis had an idea for his next book, a contemporary political narrative, he decided he would test it out first as a 10,000-word magazine article, as he often does before committing to a yearslong project.


But this time he made a surprising pivot. Instead of publishing the story in Vanity Fair, where he has been a contributing writer for nearly a decade, he sold it to Audible, the audiobook publisher and retailer.


“You’re not going to be able to read it, you’re only going to be able to listen to it,” Lewis said. “I’ve become Audible’s first magazine writer.”


Lewis is part of a growing group of A-list authors bypassing print and releasing audiobook originals, hoping to take advantage of the exploding audiobook market. It’s the latest sign that audiobooks are no longer an appendage of print, but a creative medium in their own right. But the rise of stand-alone audio has also made some traditional publishers nervous, as Audible strikes deals directly with writers, including best-selling authors like historian Robert Caro and novelist Jeffery Deaver.


Audible, which is owned by Amazon and the biggest player with more than 425,000 titles in its online store, has an enormous advantage in this increasingly crowded arena. Amazon has been pushing audiobooks on its platform, listing them as “free” with a trial Audible membership, which costs $15 a month, and includes a book each month. (The typical price of a la carte audiobooks ranges from about $15 to $40 depending on the length.)


In the past five years, Hachette has doubled the number of audiobooks it produces; it will release about 700 titles this year. Penguin Random House will put out roughly 1,200 audio titles, up from 652 in 2014, and now has 15 recording studios. Macmillan Audio will release 470 audiobooks this year, a 46 percent increase over 2017. Two of the company’s biggest recent hits are the audiobooks for James Comey’s “A Higher Loyalty,” which has sold more than 167,000 copies, and Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury,” which sold about 320,000.


Ellen Archer, president of HMH Trade Publishing, said she expects the audio release will boost print sales, rather than cannibalizing them. “The marketing muscle they’re going to put behind this book is going to drive interest in the print version,” she said.




首先是第二段「Instead of..., he...」,意為「他沒有……而是……」。接著是第四段「It's the lastest sign that audiobooks are no longer..., but...」,意為「不再是……而是……」。

最後一段「she expects..., rather than...」,則是「她期待……而不是……」,否定子句的位置雖不同,但和前兩個句型的基本概念是一樣的,用來表達「不是A而是B」或「是A而非B」的意思。

文中也有幾個實用片語。第一段「test it out」意指「充分檢驗」,本文譯成較口語的「試水溫」。第四段「in their own right」,字面意思是「憑藉自己的權利」,也就是不靠他人、而是靠自身條件。

第五段的à la carte是個常見單字,字源是法語,字面意思是「按照菜單點菜」,也就是一道菜一道菜分開點餐,而非點套餐(set/combo)的方式。 

Sometimes Patients Simply Need Other Patients 有時,病人需要的只是同病相憐
文/Aaron E. Carroll and Austin

When Jodie Ofosuhene learned she had breast cancer at age 29 in 2016, she got more than standard medical care. She was connected with Noel Peters, a former patient who serves as a mentor to new ones. “Noel helped me tremendously,” Ofosuhene said in an interview.


“Every time I had a question about my response to treatment — whether it was normal — she had answers from her own experience.”


In an ideal world, when we are faced with a new health problem, a clinician is available to sit down and address all our questions and anxieties about the condition and its treatment. This ideal is rarely met in the U.S. health system. More typically, we are rushed through doctor visits that fly by too quickly for us to gather our thoughts.


Other patients can help. They have (or have had) your condition, as well as your anxieties and questions, and they have found a path through. Their journeys can be informative and helpful, and can also help you prepare for the next session with a doctor.


“There’s a lot about the patient experience that doctors and nurses cannot convey because they haven’t gone through it,” Peters said. “You can get a much better sense of what it means to be a patient from another patient.”


We know this from experience. Both of us have health conditions that were once new to us. Aaron wrote about his ulcerative colitis and mental health. Austin has written about his insomnia, minor heart condition and sleep apnea. At first, we sought lots of advice, and not just from doctors. In turn, once we gained experience, we shared what worked and did not.


Sharing health stories and learning from one another in an unpaid way (like in-person mentorship, online chats or phone calls) is known as peer health advice or peer-to-peer health care.


“After that diagnosis, you get home and you’re alone,” said Susannah Fox, an advocate and scholar of peer-to-peer health care and a former chief technology officer of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “But you don’t have to be alone.”


The internet has made finding other people with your health problem easier. For example, the Database of Patients’ Experiences is an international collection of videos of patients sharing their experiences about various health conditions. This kind of sharing is similar to something humans have always done. When we have problems, we discuss them with others. We routinely get advice about where to get our car fixed and which plumber to call, for example.


One in 4 people receive information or counsel from someone with a similar condition. Few of us can read everything about our condition. Those who have gone before us can help sift through the mountain of information for what’s most useful.


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