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2018/09/28 第234期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份
紐時周報精選 48 Years Later, Orson Welles’ Last Film Makes Its Debut 奧森.威爾斯執導遺作 48年後首映
Hard Lessons (Thanks, Amazon) Breathe New Life Into Retail Stores 亞馬遜給的教訓 促零售商重獲新生
48 Years Later, Orson Welles’ Last Film Makes Its Debut 奧森.威爾斯執導遺作 48年後首映
文/Brooks Barnes

Orson Welles was on the line. “What are you doing Thursday?” he asked.


It was 1970, and the “Citizen Kane” director had called Peter Bogdanovich to ask him to appear in his latest film, “The Other Side of the Wind.” Yes, he knew that Bogdanovich was stretched thin. Just drop by the set on Thursday, Welles insisted. The whole movie was only going to take a few weeks to shoot — tops.


Forty-eight years later, “The Other Side of the Wind” has finally arrived. It was shown for the first time in North America on Saturday at the Telluride Film Festival, where two new documentaries about the herculean efforts to finish the film were also screened. “It’s sad because Orson’s not here to see it,” Bogdanovich, 79, said from the stage of the Palm Theater here. “Or maybe he is.”


Cinema buffs had almost given up on “The Other Side of the Wind,” which Welles left unfinished upon his death in 1985. It is known as one of the most famous movies never released, held up by warring rights holders and never-ending financial troubles, including a failed funding effort by a relative of the shah of Iran.


No lesser a force than Frank Marshall, one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood, had been leading the salvage effort. Marshall, 71, made his name by making the impossible possible — shutting down the Las Vegas Strip to shoot “Jason Bourne,” staying calm the time Steven Spielberg asked him to find 10,000 additional snakes for a scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” figuring out how Clint Eastwood could crash a jetliner for “Sully.” If he couldn’t pull the film over the finish line, who could?


Once the film’s producers finally secured firm funding — Netflix stepped up last year — they had to sort through more than 100 hours of footage (long stored in a Paris warehouse) to craft a film that Welles conceptualized as a type of collage, with some parts in color and others in black and white, and scenes shot in various formats (35 mm, 16 mm, Super 8.)

“No sone really knew if we had enough material to put together a movie that actually made any sense,” Marshall said Saturday.


The masses will soon get to decide for themselves. “The Other Side of the Wind” will arrive on Netflix and in a handful of theaters on Nov. 2. So far, critics at Telluride and the Venice Film Festival, where the film had its premiere on Friday, have responded with unanimously positive reviews. The early reaction from festivalgoers has been mixed, withome befuddled and bored and others enraptured — about typical for Welles, who specialized in polarizing cinema.



“The Other Side of the Wind” reconstructs a debauched party (using footage supposedly shot by guests) held at the home of Jake Hannaford, a nonconformist film director, just before he dies.


Hard Lessons (Thanks, Amazon) Breathe New Life Into Retail Stores 亞馬遜給的教訓 促零售商重獲新生
文/Michael Corkery

Malls are being hollowed out. Shops are closing by the thousands. Retailers are going bankrupt.


But it may be too early to declare the death of retail. Americans have started shopping more — in stores.


Old-school retailers are experiencing some of their best sales growth in years.


The strong revenues start with a roaring economy and an optimistic consumer. Americans, whose wallets are filled with more cash from the tax cuts, have been spending more.


The boom also reflects a broad reordering of the $3.5 trillion industry, with fewer retailers capturing more of the gains. Stores that have learned how to match the ease and instant gratification of e-commerce shopping are flourishing, while those that have failed to evolve are in bankruptcy or on the brink.


“The retailers that get it recognize that Amazon has forever changed consumer behavior,” said Barbara Kahn, a marketing professor and former director of the retailing center at the Wharton School. “I shouldn’t have to work to shop.”


Many successful stores are now a cross between a fast-food drive-through and a hotel concierge.


Target’s shoppers can order sunscreen or a Tokidoki Unicorno T-shirt on their phone, pull up to the parking lot and have the items brought to their car.


Nordstrom lets customers in some stores make returns by dropping their items into a box and walking out.


Walmart is employing 25,000 “personal shoppers” to select and package groceries for curbside pickup.


In recent weeks, all three retailers reported stronger-than-expected sales growth for the quarter. Traffic to Target’s stores and online sites grew at its fastest pace since the company began keeping a record a decade ago.


Doomsayers have predicted that online shopping, led by Amazon, would one day conquer all of retail. As store closings set a record last year, no class of retailer was spared.


But the pace of closings has slowed, as the most unprofitable stores have been culled and the weakest companies have collapsed. At this time in 2017, nearly 5,700 stores had shut across the United States, according to Coresight Research, a retail analysis and advisory firm. So far this year, about 4,480 have closed.


Hiring is up, with an average of roughly 50,000 retail jobs being added each month since February, according to the National Retail Federation.



本文介紹美國零售業實體店鋪吸收網購商城經驗,讓銷售起死回生。第四段提到,活躍的經濟(a roaring economy)是帶動零售的原因之一。動詞roar有「吼叫、轟隆作響」之意,roaring為形容詞,則延伸為「活躍、興盛」之意。

第五段「stores ...... are flourishing」,flourishing的用法和roaring相近,意指改善銷售方式的零售業者,業績蒸蒸日上。

倒數第五段的curbside pickup可能對國內讀者而言比較陌生,curb是人行道的路緣石,這個片語指的是顧客在店外路邊停車後不用下車,由業者將商品送到顧客車上的服務,開車族買檳榔也可以算是curbside pickup 

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